Sunday, May 9, 2010

The weekends sure do fly by....

Mother's Day wasn't bad. I did absolutely nothing kept myself super busy! I slept in until 1030a maybe. I love sleeping in. But unfortunately I didn't really sleep in because Wesley wanted to wake me up and I'm definitely not a deep sleeper anymore. 

We were originally going to go out to brunch because I've really wanted eggs benedict! But that didn't happen. So I asked kyle if he wanted to make eggs benedict with me. He wanted to bbq. I wanted eggs benedict and it was my day so I told him he could bbq for dinner. We never ended up making eggs benedict. He went to bed (at 1p) after doing dishes and I just worked on my menu for the week.

*note to self - start menu planning fri night and decide what I want for the week. Sat figure out coupons, and ww points amount. Sunday after breakfast grocery shop.*

I ended up making eggs benedict for dinner. Wesley really liked it and this was my first time making it and it was wonderful!!!

If you've never made eggs benedict or if you've always wantef to, check out the super simple recipe from The Pioneer Woman.

Click the photo for the full recipe

Tomorrow starts my journey to weight loss. 
I will be posting all of my progress, recipes, food log, exercise I did, weigh ins, etc over at the blog so go check it out please and follow along

Plus starting May 15th myself and 4 other ladies are taking part of a weight loss challenge for a chance to win $10,000! Check out the blog for more info on the contest.

Well thats all the news for today!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!

And sorry for not posting the Swingin' to the sound Sunday post. I'm exhausted this week but will have it posted next Sunday!


Kerri said...

I don't normally like Eggs Benedict but that picture made my tummy growl...may have to try it out!

Best of luck on your weight loss journey!! I hope you win.

Jenilee said...

hey jen it wasnt at one it was more at two almost three hun..............

Griffin Cool said...

The dish looks wonderful. You can teach me this summer!!