Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wesley 16mo

Wesley is now 16th months old!! (as of July 10th). He is full of life and energy. He knows so much that sometimes I don't even know what he knows. He can pick up on things instantly. Like just yesterday we taught him how to dip chips. Ok that might be minor but it was still cute! He LOVES to color. On paper or outside.

He is no longer afraid of climbing down stairs. He can do that without help.
He LOVES dogs, especially when we go tot he park to play he wants to run, pet or chase all of them! And he loves our dog Lucky who doesn't seem to be bothered by Wesley at all which is great.
He has had an ear infection, and been sick 1 time other than that.
No new words but he does know most of his body parts (eyes and toes are new) and also knows what a potty is, the lights (looks up and points), and he can turn the lights on and off too.

Hes still picky about food. Not into spaghetti. Veggies are a hit or miss. Same with meats. But he will eat ground venison, which is awesome! I've been using it for cooking since we ran out of ground beef.

He loves to push his stroller around instead of being in his stroller.
He will hand us a lot of things. If we ask him to give us what he has he will.

He wears 18-24 month clothing.
Size 6 shoes

He is a lot of fun to have around. He definitely has an attitude, throws EVERYTHING, and yells when he doesn't get his way.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wesley 16mo

As of July 10th Wesley is not 16th months old! He had an ear infection before vacation...and it continued while we were on vacation but finally after 2x the medicine after we got home he went back to the doc and was as good as new!

Wesley's favorite thing to do: CLIMB...

Stay tuned for more updates!! Its taking some time since I got back from vacation to get things updated!

All of these Summer nights...

I'm still in the process of writing my vacation blog, but until then I'll update you on what has been going on around here since we got back from vacation.

1) Kyle and I have both joined a co-ed softball team. We've had 1 practice and games start next Monday. I'm SUPER excited to be doing this. It was one of my goals to be part of a co-ed team this summer, and have fulfilled that!

2) While on vacation we played a TON of tennis, and so I told myself I wanted to keep playing when I got back. I signed up for tennis clinics twice a week and tomorrow is the last day of the clinic until the next session. I have made some new friends from the clinic and hope to get some numbers so we can start playing together!

3) The week we got home we enjoyed Jubilee days festivities. The carnival was in town, and we walked around there, have been going to the farmers market on fridays, enjoyed the chili cook off, parade, and street dances!

4) My birthday was on Sun July 25th, and Kyle and I went to see brooks & dunn in concert for frontier days the night before. We had a blast, even though we didn't get home until 2am!

5) We got a new dog, Lucky, the St Bernard, and hes been a wonderful pal for Wesley!

6) I've been meeting my friend 3 days a week @ the park for evening walks. Its a nice time to get out of the house and have some adult time.

Wesley playing in the ice cold pool on a warm day in Wyoming...

Thats all the new updates for now in the last 3 weeks since we've been home. This next week is the Albany County Fair, and we plan to go a few times and have fun!