Friday, May 7, 2010

Molars are no fun

UGHHHHHHHHH have you ever typed up an entire post for it not to publish and blogger didn't save it!!!! Well it just happened.

Damn f**king blogger.

Wesley now has 11 molars @ 13 months. Crazy. And his molars have taken a toll on him big time. So today we took a little trip to Saratoga (about 90 miles) and he literally screamed bloody murder the entire time. Nothing helped...

So we get there and low and behold its a poopy diaper. We change the poops, give him a snack and drink and figure were good to go. And while we were there we saw the ducks (wesleys favorite animal).

The car ride home was a disaster. Normally he naps from about 1-3 or 4 but since we were out of town I thought he would sleep there and then back. WRONG. He slept 20 min there. And 0 minutes back. He screamed and cried the entire time. So I climbed in the back seat (and no I wasn't driving :P) and tried to rub his head, give him more of a snack and drink and keep his binky in, play with his learning book...NOTTA. I knew he was exhausted. And during one of his crying spells I noticed the 3rd molar that had come in on the bottom.

Well there is the problem. I knew the molars were painful. Poor kiddo.

So we get home just after 5p..Laid him down for a short nap (I figured he would sleep about an hour or so, then get up for dinner )...WRONG AGAIN. He is still sleeping...So many times I just wanted to go in there, and wake him to eat. I feel so bad but I don't want to wake him because that would just be a disaster ever more..
I would have given him teething tablets in the car to help or some medicine for the headache I'm sure he had...but I had nothing...PLUS all the medicine is recalled so I have to return it.

Sometimes there isn't anything I can do...and yes many times I just wanted to get out of the car and walk the 90 miles back home so I wouldn't have to listen to it....but I'm so glad hes in bed now so I can relax.

But I better set my alarm for 7am because I can guarantee he will be up STARVING.

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mom said...

Poor Wesley. Now you know to always carry tylenol, teething tabs, something to chew will get better....