Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 5 & 6

I apologize for not blogging yesterday. I got the stomach flu from wesley or kyle so I was pretty out of it friday. Yesterday I didn't have any goals. Taking care of myself and getting better is most important. Today as well is going to be a relaxing day. My body is still super achy, but my stomach feels a little better. I didn't sleep hardly at all last night. I kept tossing and turning and couldn't find a comfortable position, my stomach hurt, back was killing me, just an overall crappy night. Kyle is feeling much better today which is great because hes been helping out so I can rest and such.
Wesley is eating today which is good. Hes been having really bad diarrhea the last few days and so hopefully that will slow down and he won't soak multiple outfits in a day. Its no fun being sick, especially when everyone is sick =(. So anyhow I didn't cook last night. I couldn't keep anything down so I really didn't eat anything at all. If I feel up to it tonight I'm going to make the eggs benedict that was planned for tonight. If not then tomorrow because its my free day.
Wesley is down for a nap so I think I need to go lay down too. My head is killing me.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still sick...

Today was mostly taking care of Wesley. He threw up twice, poor little guy. The first time was after nursing him at lunch and trying to get him to eat a little bit of banana. That stayed down all of 2 seconds. The nurse told us not to give him any fruit or fruit juice. I'm not sure why because I was always put on the brat diet when I wasn't feeling well and I thought bananas were low in acid. Well whatever, anyways, we got him some pedialite to try to keep him hydrated and give him a few crackers. He didn't really want anything to eat. He kept pushing the sippy cup away. Actually he was pretty happy most of the day besides throwing up and not eating. We just laid low, and did a few things around the house. He did get a nice warm bath for about half hour, which really relaxed him.
The second time was just before Kyle got home from playing basketball just before dinner. After that he wouldn't drink any pedialite and fell asleep. I didn't get to nurse him like a usually do before bed because he was already asleep by 630p. He hasn't woke up since. Last night he didn't make a peep until 930a and I'm guessing tonight will be the same but you never know..

So our plans for Wesley to see his Grandpa and Great-Grandma have been cancelled due to the sickness. I hope he feels better by the weekend so we can get outside and take a walk or go to the park if its nice enough.

Day 4

Once again I am the master at pizza making! It runs in the family. After Tues feeling like crap, yesterday I felt a little better, but Wesley was not feeling well so of course I didn't get everything done I wanted to. I did however get my menu planned out for the next 2 weeks.

This is what I'm making. And let me know if you want a recipe for anything I make!

  • 1/27 Wed: BBQ chicken pizza, salad ran out of time
  • 1/28 Thurs: BBQ Pulled Pork, potato salad, corn
  • 1/29 Fri: Lettuce Wraps,
  • 1/30 Sat: Eggs benedict, potatoes, oj, and fruit mix, Dessert: Bread Pudding
  • 1/31 Sun: Breakfast: Pancakes. Dinner: Leftovers
  • 2/1 Mon: Gumbo, rice 
  • 2/2 Tues: Shrimp Tostadas
  • *2/3 Wed: Pizza, beef on weck with salad
  • 2/4 Thurs: Pork Stew
  • 2/5 Fri: Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole
  • 2/6 Sat: Orange chicken, carrots, fried rice. Dessert: Turtle Cheesecake
  • 2/7 Sun: Pancakes. Dinner: Leftovers
  • 2/8 Mon: White chicken chili, couscous, beer cheese bread
  • 2/9 Tues: Salmon, broccoli, brown rice
Cooking is expensive! I spent way too much at the grocery store. But if you want your family to eat healthy and not eat fast food this is what you have to do. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I won't have to get too much at the store. I need to start getting coupons for things and incorporating that into a meal. I could probably save a ton of money that way.

On another note, I really need a job BAD. I'm not very good though at working, and going to school and taking care of Wesley. I just know from experience. And I don't want our family to have to struggle like this. It makes me super stressed out and I can't focus on things. I need to just get it together and get a job, which I've started applying to various places, and making a list of other places I need to go and apply to. I don't care if I like the job or not. I can atleast go to work and come home knowing I'm contributing to the family. My education is just going to have to be put on hold again for a little bit.
Atleast its still early enough in the semester to where I'm not throwing everything away.
And technically I will still be a student because I'm keeping my friday class. I can focus on making money, my family, and even be able to save money so I can get a new camera and work on my portfolio for my photography & design business.
But anyhow, the economy sucks so I probably won't find something in a week, but hopefully by March I can get something 25-30 hrs a week. Hopefully. And as far as Wesley goes, I am lucky enough that Kyle works nights so I don't have to worry about him being in daycare unless I need to get to DFS and apply for childcare services for a couple days a week. But I'll worry about that when the time comes.

So for Day 4, which is today because I was too exhausted to blog last night.
  • Apply to 3 or 4 places (Albertsons, Wal-mart, daycare center, and quiznos (if I have time)
  • Laundry
  • Make pulled pork already in crockpot soaking in the delicious flavors
Wesley is napping, I'm going to get dressed and run a few errands since Kyle has a day off and won't be sleeping today.

Feeling a little blue

Yesterday Wesley had a pretty good day despite throwing up Tues night. He seemed pretty normal for the most part. Nothing special really happened yesterday though besides not really eating much and that happens from time to time.

After I came home from the grocery store, Kyle said he was tired and warm so I checked him temp. 102.2! Wow very warm. I gave him some motrin, nursed and then put him to bed. The doctor said a stomach bug was going around and to just give him tylenol and keep him hydrated. Well I already knew that. I didn't really know what was the matter because he seemed fine, and yes maybe he did throw up the night before but I thought that was due to the goulash being a little spicy or something. Who knows.

This morning his temp was 101.7 so it did go down a little bit but I'm keeping him hydrated and trying to get him to rest as much as possible. It always seem to me that sleep makes everything better! Hopefully this little bug he has goes away in the next day so he can be his bright bubbly self again.

This is only the 2nd time hes ran a high fever. I've been very fortunate this little man hasn't been sick at all! So many of my friends kids are sick ALL THE TIME, with ear infections, strep throat, h1n1, bronchitus, you name it. Then again Wesley isn't in daycare, or around kids all that much, which will probably change I'm sure eventually.

Anyhow I'll post him update tonight after hes gone to bed.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 3

Day 2 was a total waste. I should factor in sick days...but I'd rather try than not try at all.

I did make potato soup. The rest of the day I felt awful. Wesley felt awful too because he threw up his dinner in his crib. Don't know when, because he didn't wake up, but we must all have something.

  1. Make a will
  2. Start a savings account for Wesley
  3. Get a job no later than March & keep it for the rest of the year.
  4. Join the co-ed softball team this summer.
  5. Have a date night with my husband every month outside of the house
  6. Use my gift certificate before March and get a mani/pedi
  7. Start attending church regularly
  8. Get a membership to the rec center and use it!
  9. Read a few books for fun
  10. Send out birthday cards and Xmas cards on time
  11. Take Wesley to the library for storytime every week and check out new books
  12. Do not eat fast food at all!
  13. Plan 2 weeks worth of meals in advance every 2 weeks for the rest of the year, unless on vacation.
  14. Go miniature golfing
  15. Go hiking at vedawoo
  16. Have a picnic in the mountains
  17. Take Wesley swimming at the rec center
  18. Go to the saratoga hot springs
  19. Enjoy a hot air balloon ride
  20. Teach Kyle to swim
  21. Go to a Rockies baseball game
  22. Put up curtains
  23. Get a canon dslr camera & a 50mm 1.8 lens
  24. Lose 50 pounds this year
  25. Make a wedding album
  26. De-clutter the house!
  27. Have a penpal
  28. Go to a play
  29. Visit Lora, Sally & Howard in Riverton/Lander
  30. Take a tour of the coors light factory 
  31. Donate blood 
I want to have atleast 50 things for the year, so will hopefully have it done by the end of the week.
Any suggestions???

So for Day 3 1/27/10

  • Get English paper rough draft done
  • Finish dishes
  • Plan 2 weeks worth of meals
  • Grocery store
  • Homemade pizza (switching from thurs to wed because of class)
  • Take a walk with Wesley 
I pray I'm feeling better because right now I feel like poop. I also hope that maybe after school is finished for the semester I can challenge myself outside of the

P.S I made a new blog for just Wesley!! Updates on his achievements, good days, bad days, the little details I don't want to forget!


    Welcome to the World of Wesley

    This blog is going to be all about Wesley. Its not easy raising a kid but I wanted have a blog just for him sharing special moments, photos, and even the rough and not so fun moments. I wish I would have started this when he was born about the things he has accomplished in just 10 months and all of the little things that I've overlooked but I figure now is better than never.

    So today was one of those common lazy days. We have a lot of those in our house. I didn't get out of bed until 9a but he was up as usual. Some days he gets up earlier and starts to cry and I end of hearing him, but not today. He still hates sitting still on his changing table. Just getting a diaper hes already turned himself on his tummy and pulling himself up to stand. The kid isn't scared of falling at all. His balance is amazing actually. I'm finally almost finished with size 3 diapers. He is at that stage where he really needs 3.5 but I'd rather he wear ones that are a little big than too small. I've not gone back to Luvs in awhile. I've stuck with Pampers. They just do the job so much better especially when he has a blow out, which he hasn't had that many since eating solid foods.

    Todays meals included:
    Oatmeal, and a half piece of toast for breakfast; some of my egg salad sandwich for lunch with apple juice, goulash for dinner. Yes I was bad today and didn't give him any fruits or veggies. Well the goulash had green pepper, onion, and tomato, but tomorrow will be better!!

    Some days are better than others. Most of his nutrition still comes from me nursing so I'm not worried when he doesn't eat 3 meals some days. I really look forward to the whole milk transition next month. I'm not sure exactly how to go about doing it because I don't pump, and he only drinks out of a sippy cup (which I'm very proud that I don't have to ween him from a bottle).

    Ok moving on. There really wasn't anything special about today. Actually 1 thing I do remember was he stood up without holding on to anything. I'm pretty sure that was today, or maybe it was yesterday. But anyhow I was so proud of him that he is getting better and better each day. At 10-1/2 months hes doing amazing! Its not a big deal to me he isn't walking yet. Hell I didn't walk until 13mo so whenever hes ready is fine with me.
    A couple of his favorite toys are my keys, and our cellphones. He gets so mad when you try to give him something else.
    He also understands no very well, too well actually. He hits himself on the head when you say no to certain things.
    Well I'm exhausted and need to get some sleep. I hope Wesley sleeps. He did throw up his goulash. He didn't wake up from it, but I saw it before I came to blog. I accidently woke him up taking the blankets off his bed. I just didn't want him to sleep in all that yuckiness. But hes back to sleep now hopefully until 8a or so.


    Monday, January 25, 2010

    Food Log

    1/25 Day 1 Meals:
    Breakfast: nothing (probably a bad idea)
    Lunch: Applebees chicken cordon bleu sandwich w/fries and 2 strawberry lemonades
    Dinner: Bowl of last nights goulash, and a half egg salad sandwich, sprite.

    Not a very healthy day but I was running on 3 hrs of sleep plus an evening nap so I didn't get my healthy dinner made, plus I didn't even know what to make, which is probably a bad idea.

    Day 2

    Today was not a good day to start the challenge. I got less than 4 hrs of sleep which made me feel like complete shit all day. I didn't get everyday done, because I ended up taking a 3 hr nap. Plus my Dad and Gma came to visit and they were here until about 4p.
    I was able to get up, get a shower, and get things cleaned around the house. Kyle helped. The dishes were the last thing that I didn't get done. Cleaning takes forever!! Was able to go get my english book, and I was not happy that they were out of used copies! This book was not one that I could find online. It was compiled by the english dept so its definitely not something I could find outside of Wyoming. Oh well. We had lunch at Applebees. Haven't been there since my sister came to visit me in April. Went home and played with wesley for a little bit. We were all so tired, and I was as well because of the 3 hrs of sleep I got last night. We went to bed. Had a 3 hr nap! Up by 7p and then I had to get Wesley some dinner and I couldn't find a quick recipe for anything with the ingredients I had. So he just ate some green beans and bologna. He was being picky about everything else and thats what he ended up eating. I just ate left of goulash from last night with a half of an egg salad sandwich.
    I'm hoping tomorrow and Wednesday play out better because then I'll be well rested. I did as much as I could with the little sleep but I did not even turn the tv on until 830p to watch diners drive ins and dives, while I was nursing Wesley before bed.
    So it was good day I think, definitely not a lazy day. And yes maybe I didn't get everything done, but I tried. Now I better get my goals down for the next 2 days and get a little bit of my english homework done before bed.
    Go HERE to see Day 1 and which goals I completed.

    Day 2
    Goals for the Day:
    • Attend both english and drawing classes (class is from 120p-630p)
    • Finish the dishes
    • Make a weekly menu (1/27- 2/2)
    • Take a walk in the morning with Wesley if its not too chilly
    • Get english paper started. Type atleast 2 pages
    • Make Blue cheese potato soup..Mmmm

    I will write Wednesdays goals tomorrow because right now I need to get homework done. I'm completely exhausted. Tomorrow I am also going to post some of the things I would like to do this year. Some of them are goals, and some are just activites.

    Good night.

    341 Challenge - Day 1

    Today has really sucked. Its 220am and I'm still freaking up. Wtf. I need to start going to bed at a decent hour and not doing this sleep in thing everyday. This is whats going to get me behind in my classes and not want to go!
    So anyways as far as today goes I was supposed to go to fort collins but my laziness lately has made me want to do nothing but stay in my pjs all day and do absolutely nothing. Like the house is a mess, especially the laundry that is backed up and the dishes, which I can't even remember the last time I did them. I probably stink too because I haven't showered since Thursday. Yuck right?
    So since tomorrow is Monday and I have a bad habit of being lazy and putting things off I'm going to set some goals each day. This is part of my new years resolution to follow them. AND this means seriously follow them no matter how fucking tired I am because its my own fault if I don't get enough sleep and I can always take a nap later in the day if I need to. So OK.
    I'm going to challenge myself starting tomorrow and give myself things to do. The challenge time will be a minimum of the spring semester. So starting tomorrow today, for 3 months, 6 months, the rest of the year until Dec 31st, I challenge myself to set goals for each day (the night before) and accomplish them.

    The prize = knowing that I can set goals and not quit. I'm such a sucker for quitting anything I start. Ask anyone I know and they will tell you I suck at following thru with anything. I am so proving myself wrong. I want to show myself that I can do this. I KNOW I CAN. I need to show Wesley that I'm not a lazy mom who sits on the couch and watches tv, and eats garbage, drops out of classes because they are too hard, or because I was too lazy to attend. This is not who I am. If I was to die tomorrow I would not be happy with my life. NO WAY. SOO I need to change this. And here I am posting this for the world to see saying help me!! Help me accomplish these goals. I cannot do this alone. I need to get off my butt and ask for help. Please help me along the way.
    I tried to make a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish now, this year, etc, but there were too many and always at the end of the day I would think of something else to write down. So that is why I'm not going to list what I want to accomplish for the year, but each night set goals for the next day because its fresh in my mind.
    Now the challenge isn't just making easy things that any normal person would do; its making goals that get me out of my comfort zone. Each day I need to do something that requires me to get out of the house.
    So I ask everyone to give me suggestions for something new for me to do everyday! Something that doesn't necessarily require me to spend a ton of money, because were are pretty broke, but I want to try something new everyday. Ok maybe not everyday, but atleast 6 days out of the week. Some days I'll have my entire weeks goals written out, some days it will only be 1 or 2 days worth. So giving me your input for something I should do everyday gives me a challenge so leave a comment with your ideas!!

    Alright here I go.

    1/25/10 - Day 1 - 340 days to go

    *I apologize in advance for the vulgar language but this is me, and this is what I would say to myself*

    • Get out of bed no later than 8am! That means sleep as soon as I'm done blogging and set the cell phone alarm, and not on vibrate, but turn the volume up!
    • Get Wesley, change his diaper and nurse him. You have been doing this for 10 months now and its not a big deal anymore.
    • Let him play for awhile and get your ass in the shower! You stink and you need to clean yourself, and it will wake your ass up!! Get some clothes on and blow the hair dry. Don't even worry about makeup right now. Who do you have to impress; Wesley? Ha.
    • Brush your teeth, floss and use mouthwash. You are lazy and put it off just as much as your husband does, and you don't want to have false teeth when your 35 right? Good, then do it.
    • Don't turn on the TV. You do that enough already. Now turn on the stereo and get those dishes done! You've let Kyle do them way too much and I'm sure he would appreciate you doing it for once. Come on, the man works all night and still sacrifices his sleep for you. Just be a good wife and do some shit around the house.
    • Give Wesley his breakfast. And actually make him breakfast! Oatmeal and a half piece of toast, and some baby food fruit. Yep get that baby food gone because otherwise its going to pile up like everything else in the house. Clean him up and get him in bed for a nap. You know the routine, even though for the last couple weeks you haven't been putting him down for a nap until after lunch, so now his whole schedule is messed up. Good going Mom!
    • Now Kyle should be home now, which means getting in the car and going to the bookstore and getting your English book. Its the 3rd week of classes. You should have bought it after your first class. Geez woman, what a procrastinator you are!!
    • So now you need to get home and finish the chores. If the dishes aren't done, then finish them. You don't want your father and grandmother to see this pig sty do you? I didn't think so. 
    • Clean the bathroom toilets and sinks. And put all of the crap on the bathroom counter away. No one wants to see all that junk. Finish picking up the living room and vacuum the floor. Wesley puts enough crap as it is in his mouth, so its time to fix that. And while your doing all of these things get the laundry going. Wash, dry, fold and PUT AWAY. No excuse for piles of clean clothes. And lastly, get the porch organized for now so you can walk through it. It doesn't matter what order you do these things in, just do it before your guests arrive. Which means not fiddle farting around!!
    • But don't forget to nurse Wesley, get him dressed and diaper change before the guests arrive. 
    • Enjoy the couple hour break with your family and eat some lunch.
    • The day isn't over when they leave. You still have lots of things to do! Homework time. Yes I know its dreadful but everyone has to do it and no more putting things off until last minute. Spend 2 hours working on it. Yes Jenilee, you the 1st draft your your rhertorical analysis due on Thursday so get moving, which means reading the story in your book, and annotating!! 
    • Don't forget to nurse Wesley at 5p.
    • Don't you feel good for getting some things done?? But this is just a typical day. Nothing special today but yes you can do something new.
    • Because you still have to make dinner. Yes actually cooking. Not fast food, nope. Real HEALTHY food. So find a new recipe. Something with the ingredients you have, and if there is something you need then go get it. Don't make Kyle get it, he needs to sleep. Make sure you have a vegetable, protein, and a carb. And no overeating! Keep track of your food intake. (I will have a seperate post for my meals.)
    • Now it seems as if you've deprived your child of love and attention today, so spend some quality time with him after dinner without the TV on! Read a few stories, and find a new learning activity and lastly give him a bath because he too needs to be clean.
    • Nurse one last time, and then brush his teeth. Nite nite little man.
    • So Wesley is in bed no later than 830p. No more of this 9-930p crap. Hes not even 1 year old. He needs a good nights sleep and needs to get back on his schedule.
    • If you miss your show, so what. It will be on again because we all know that tv shows to come on again!
    • Now get your blog on. Set new goals for the next 2 days and log your meals. Get it done early because you need to be in bed no later than 11p. None of this 3am shit. Wow I can't even believe its been an hour already. Well looks like I need to take a nap tomorrow and squeeze that in sometime.
    • Don't you love this? I've listed the goals below that I want to accomplish today. Not everything below was included in this little chit chat with myself. 
    Goals for the day:
    • Wake up by 8am
    • Brush teeth both morning and night, mine and Wesleys
    • Clean kitchen, living room, porch, and bathrooms
    • Laundry - wash, dry, folding and putting away
    • Make a healthy dinner - something new.
    • Log my meals and snacks
    • Take a photo of something I like and post it  (will post the photo tomorrow)
    • Read to Wesley - 20 min of storytime (only 10 min he sat still for)
    • Find a new activity to do with Wesley - 40 min of playtime
    • Give Wesley a bath
    • Take a shower
    • Get English book from bookstore
    • Spend 2 hrs doing English homework (only 1 hr)
    • Do 30 minutes of exercise (walk, workout dvd, DDR)
    • Submit 2 job applications 
    • Blog new goals for next 2 days (only 1 days worth of goals)
    • Get to bed by 11p (in bed by 1130p)
    So thats all of the goals I have for today. I didn't list obvious things like nursing Wesley, changing his diaper, because those are no brainers. I don't think I would put those things off. I'm not that lazy. Well I am but I would never deprive Wesley of food and a clean diaper.

    So I will be back tonight and let you all know how I did. I'm completely exhausted. I do not know how I am still awake.

    Goodnight and sweet dreams.

    Sunday, January 24, 2010

    Welcome Baby Miles

    I am just now getting around to announcing the arrival of my nephew; Miles Scofield Hoskins. Born Tuesday January 12th 2010. He was 6lbs 1oz and 19.25" long. He was 4 weeks early!! Not due until Feb 12th. Because he was early he was under oxygen, and needed to gain some weight. He wasn't eating the best either. On Friday my sister was released from the hospital but Miles was still there being observed through the weekend. Sunday my sister had to have an emergency surgery. It had been a crazy week especially since Saturday they moved into their new house and closed on the house friday! And had just finished the new roof on the old house before they could sell it. What else could they jam pack in the week??
    But it all worked out and my sister is out of the hospital with Miles and they are both recovering.

    She lives 2 hrs from us, and I'm really looking forward to visiting her and Miles soon!!

    I guess when she is ready to see us then she will let us know. Here are a few photos I have.

    Welcome to the world little man

    Corie, baby Miles and Jason

    Miles & Grandpa Jud

    Miles & Grandma Carol

    Miles & Great Grandma Brown - After coming home from the hospital

    Sunday, January 17, 2010

    Oh the places you will go, vacation style...

    School ended Dec 11th so I haven't be blogging at all, and now school just recently started again but I have a short break and have a chance to update everyone on the month of December.

    Wesley and I left Dec 12th to go visit Grandma & Grandpa Cool & Uncle Griffin in California. The airplane ride was only a couple of hours and Wesley was a great traveler. Unfortunately after he had his snack and started playing and jumping on me and looking at the other passengers he thew up. He wasn't sick, it was just a combination of the altitude, and the activity. And stupid me, I didn't put a change of clothes in the diaper bag! So I tried to get Wesley as clean as possible but that didn't work very well. A very kind passenger offered one of her sons shirts to us and that was wonderful because I didn't have to keep Wesley naked the rest of the trip. Now his pants were still wet from me washing them, and my shirt was completely gross and I atleast has a sweatshirt to throw on (which was the zip up kind and was short and not the best thing to wear, but it worked for a bit).
    So the first day we got in it rained later in the afternoon. We didn't get a chance to relax, we immediately went to a soccer party - bbq for my brothers team. Had some food, and then got Wesley back to take a nap. We had been up since 5a that morning.

    While we were there we got to see Griffin play in 3 basketball games. (1 we only saw the tail end) 1 win 1 loss. Wesley loved it! We also played a lot and hung out with the neighbors kids. Wesley of course got to eat In-N-Out Burger. Yumm. He had a hard time sleeping for the first few nights but finally got used to his pack n play after awhile. 
    We had a lot of fun there! And Wesley really enjoyed being around uncle griffin. My husband had to work so he stayed back in Wyoming.

    2 days after arriving I did receive a phone call from my husband that his father had passed away. It was an untimely death, and for the rest of the trip I wanted to leave an go home so bad to be with him. This has been very hard for us still to cope with.

    When I arrived back home Dec 22nd, I had a lot of Xmas shopping to finish up. Got everything situated and went down to Fort Collins. Wesley got to see Grandpa Jud and Great Grandma Brown. We had our Xmas the next morning on Xmas Eve. We received so many wonderful gifts. Wesley got a new sled, lots of toys, a couple outfits. He preferred to play with the wrapping paper and bows! lol.
    Kyle and I got a new sled also, a digital picture frame, tools (kyle), photography and art books (jen), gift cards to old navy, and lots of other many wonderful gifts. It was wonderful to visit and we loved everything!

    The roads were awful Thurs night when we drove back home. My car (chevy corsica), was really and unreliable car to be driving. I've had so many issues with that thing, and I just wanted something better that wouldn't break down on me anytime soon. But we made it home safe, and thank goodness because the roads ended up being closed later that night thru Saturday!

    Xmas morning we woke up whenever Wesley did. Santa was very generous this year and we had a lot of things from family that we had brought back from California as well and things that were mailed. A few things Wesley got was a choo choo train, other learning toys, sesame street dvds, new bath toys, hat & gloves, and lots of books!
    Kyle and I got new baseball gloves!! I'm super excited to break mine in when the weather gets nicer. I lost my other one a few years ago and have no idea where it went. I'm hoping to also join the co-ed softball team this summer as well. It would be really good for me to do, plus I don't know if I'll be nursing but once a day then so it will work out perfect. I got a Wacom graphic tablet that I'm super excited to start using for my designs! Its the perfect tool I needed to help me in photoshop and illustrator making my own graphics and such. Some other things we received were some jeans (kyle), model kits (kyle), torrid gift card (jen),  harry potter and a new blu-ray player that my wonderful husband got me. I also surprised him with a limited edition xbox 360 elite and he was in love! We had an amazing Xmas and are so thankful for everything we received. Even though Kyles father had passed we did try and make Xmas the best we could.

    Later that afternoon we were going to have dinner with my friend Amy and her family. But my car decided not to start that day. What luck. We were able to get a ride from Amy and headed on over there for some yummy food and enjoyed hanging out with everyone. Wesley loved Brooklyne. I'm sad I didn't get any photos =(

    Saturday we had to get a rental car that would make it to Kansas because of course mine had to break down.
    We ended up with a Kia Spectra. It worked to get to and from without breaking down because it was a new vehicle. We left for Kansas Sunday morning and got in that evening. Wasn't a bad trip at all, about 450 miles. We were right on the border of Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. Didn't see the tri-state line but thats ok. The memorial service was on Tuesday the 28th. Very sad day for everyone. There was a lot of food and drinking afterward. I only had 2 bacardi mojitos. For the rest of the trip we just hung out with Kyles family. It was good meeting everyone and meeting my nephew Jasper, who was born in September. We left on New Years day and got in that night.

    I was so glad to be home. I had been traveling pretty much the whole month and had only spent a couple days at home for almost a month. There was only a week left before school started so it was nice to relax a bit.
    My dad had been talking to us about getting a new vehicle for awhile since mine was on its last legs. We started looking online the next day to decide what we wanted and really loved the rav4. It had more room than my car, was 4wd, and had pretty good gas mileage. We looked at a few different ones and found the best match for us in Fort Collins. Tuesday we headed down to toyota to get the suv. We were there for a few hrs and had Olive garden afterward. I love their soup, salad and breadsticks. I had the zuppa, mmmmmm.

    Our beautiful new 2008 Toyota Rav4 Limited

      And that my friends, is the brief version of our holiday season. Phew.

    Saturday, January 16, 2010

    10 months old

    On Jan 10th Wesley turned 10 months old. I've been bad about updating every month what he has been learning and I feel its time I start!

    Here are some tidbits about Wesley.

    • He loves food! He decided after the trip to California in december he doesn't want to eat baby food anymore. His favorites are bananas, oranges, any kind of cereal, chicken, olives, peaches and pasta.
    • He never really gave me trouble with his veggies until the last few days. He will eat peas and carrots, but he prefers to eat everything else now instead of those.
    • When I give him a plate of food, he likes to dump his food off the plate onto the tray and then drop the plate on the floor. 
    • Storytime is still his favorite. He got a new book where he can feel different textures of animals and is really responsive when I show him what to do. Hes so smart.
    • He doesn't clap. He will let me clap his hands for him, and will open from a fist but he still doesn't do it himself. I'm not in a rush.
    • When I give him something new, like a toy, or something new to eat, he always has to examine what I've given him. Its so funny!
    • His piano is one of his favorite toys. He bangs on it and talks to it and just loves to stand. 
    • He can even stand for long periods of time without holding on to something. 
    • Wesley is now a super crawler. When he doesn't have pants on he walks on his feet and hands, like a spider. Too funny.
    • New words include bebe "baby", and gaga (not sure what he is saying), but he uses other letters such as b, and g now on top of mama and dada.
    • He does know the difference now between mom and dad. When hes hungry, or tired he always crys mama while crawling to me. He is definitely a mamas boy!
    • He wears 12mo clothing, but also wears 18mo stuff alot too. Pants mainly 12mo but shirts, even up to a 2T!
    • I still cannot put shoes on him!! He has chunky feet. He wears size 4, but curls his toes so much that when I do try to force them on he cries and hates it, so I just give up. Even slip ons too. Nothing works.
    • Wesley still is a great traveler! Went on his first plane ride on Dec 12 and first 9 hour road trip just after Xmas. I am so proud of him!
    • He has 7 teeth now. 4 on top and 3 on bottom.
    • Wesley likes to pinch. 
    • Gets really mad over little things and then throws a fit for awhile until someone picks him up.
    • He absolutely hates anyone touching his nose, mouth, or putting anything over his face.

    His "oooo" face