Friday, March 26, 2010

One year ago.

2 weeks ago Wesley celebrated his 1st birthday! So much happened this last year. Just the last month he has learned to much.

He now understands and signs: please, no, all done, milk, more, night night and yummy. I love how quickly he picks up on things. Those are pretty much the only signs I've taught him, besides Thank you which he doesnt sign yet. Time to get new words to teach! He also says duh (duck), mama, dada, eieio (when your singing old McDonald), no, and sometimes yay-yo (here you go). He understands more than what he can say. He spins when you say round and round, brushes his hair, tilts his head to talk on the phone, does a ton of tongue copying, growls when hes read one of his new favorite books Tasmanian Devil (thank you kristi and john!), claps his hands when you sing "if your happy and you know it", and so much more!

His walking has really improved. He loves to follow people and run around. Its great because it wears him out. We did a lot of walking while grandma kim was visiting.

Meal time has gotten tougher. He is really picky now, darn it! I was hoping he would eat everything, but now he rejects most veggies, meats and cheese. He loves his fruit especially grapes, bananas, and applesauce. Occasionally he will eat chicken or green beans and eggs but its just really tough and I wish he would eat everything like he did just a few weeks ago!!
He likes when I feed him baby food again, mostly the fruits but also sweet potatoes and squash. I'd really like him to learn how to use a spoon. I haven't worked with him on that too much because he just isn't ready. He takes anything that is in a bowl or plate, dumps it out and then throws that plate or bowl with a spoon on the floor.

As far as favorite toys go he pretty much plays with everything. He has way too many toys but its so hard to get rid of things because he does play with it all. Its mainly just a space issue. Right now his favorite toys are scout (the dog), his ducky that sings, elmo live, balls, and his elmo airplane.

Bathtime is still his favorite time of day. He just loves his ducks and the water. I've been taking him to the pool a little bit more and hes really loving it. We've started doing a little bit of under water dunks. Blowing in his face first so he will hold his breath and the dunking under. We go again tomorrow and I'm very excited!

He has grown up so fast and I just miss those moments when he would fall asleep on my chest, play contently on the floor or in his bouncer, not reject food or shake his head no. Come back little man, don't grow up so fast. A mother can dream can't she. But I'm enjoying the time, taking pictures to capture the moments, blogging about memories. Because someday I will forget and I need to write it down to remember.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Visit from "Grandma Kim"

The last week Wesley got to see his grandma. She flew in from California. Saturday I drove down to the harmony transfer station in fort collins to pick her up. From there we headed to Cheyenne to get Wesley's birthday cake, and then hopped on i-80 over to Laramie. 

Sunday was Wesleys first birthday party. It was a lot of fun. We didn't really do much. Just made some food, and had balloons for decorations. Wal-mart helium doesn't last that long. By then end of then night the balloons were already sinking and by morning they were all on the floor.

On Monday, Wesley had his 1 year doctors appointment. He had to get 2 shots this time; chicken pox & mmr. He only cried for a minute and then was all better. Went on a walk later that afternoon. 

Tuesday: I had a few overdue books from the library so we headed over to the University. It was a gorgeous day. Wesley loved walking around and following all of the people. Since it was spring break it was pretty quiet. I took some of Wesley's 1 year photos that day as well. Couldn't have asked for better weather! 

Wednesday: St. Pattys day.  We didn't do anything super special that day. I did wear green, and dressed Wesley up in a really adorable outfit I'd been waiting for him to wear. We headed to the park to play and to take his "official" 1 year photos. It was just a fun photoshoot. No posing, just real, in the moment shots. Those are my favorite, since I hate posing. 

Thursday we took a nice walk in the morning! Kyle was volunteering over at the territorial prison for a couple hours. Since we live just down the street from there, we walked down there and said hello. I always have my camera with me just so I can find something new to snap pics of. After Wesley's nap we headed to the rec center to swim! I love the pool. I plan on taking Wesley every week or two until our community pool opens up May 1 or June 1. Can't remember. And then of course to undine park this summer if the new water pad thing is built.

We ended up getting snow Thursday night. It was so gorgeous and then boom, snow. Of course! Thats Wyoming for ya. We had planned on going to Breckenridge for a mini vacation (friday & saturday) but I didn't really want to drive 5+ hours in the snow to get there, and the roads were icky, so we decided not to go. I know my mom wanted to leave saturday since the roads did clear up, but 1 day just didn't seem worth it. But it probably would have been. :( Bummer. Definitely next time!! So instead we did some shopping around town. Mom got me some sweet new walking shoes. I usually wear etnies, which had absolutely no support and kill my feet, so I'm thankful she wanted to get me some!! 
Kyle and I were going to see a movie, but never ended up going. So he went out for a couple drinks with a friend.

Saturday was just a fun relaxing day. Watched a movie in the morning, my sisters keeper, (very good!!), and then headed back to the rec center in the afternoon to swim. There were a lot of people there so it kept Wesley entertained. 

Sunday came and went. Drove mom back to the bus stop and said goodbye. I did have a few tears in my eyes when I left. I really love my mom, and am so thankful she came to visit and helped out with Wesley and cooking, and cleaning. Love you Mom. Thanks for everything!!!

Visited my dad for a little bit before I headed back to Laramie. He just lives in fort collins and didn't have any plans. Kyle and I ended up seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3D when we got back. Wesley hung out with our friend Stephanie for a couple hours while we had a little date. 

It was a very awesome week, but went by way too fast. I can't believe next week is April already! 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wesley's 1st Birthday

Wesley's birthday party was on Sunday the 14th. It was a lot of fun! Yummy food, friends to hang with, kids for wesley to play with and balloons! Wesley loves balloons. The cake was banana. Yumm!
In no particular order, heres a bunch of photos from the party.

Me & my Mom

Sesame street cake

Friday, March 12, 2010

Wesley is 1

2 days ago Wesley turned 1!!! The year flew by. God, will you slow down for us please?
We have a birthday party planned for Sunday, but for his birthday we took him swimming. Our good friends Nicole and Keegan joined us! What a blast. Wesley even made a friend, Will. They had so much fun. I hope to take him again before the month is up and a few more times before summer hits and I can take him to the waiting pools at the park.

Later in the afternoon my friend Krystal came over. Haven't seen her since last summer! Her daughter Adriannah is going to be 5! Wesley had fun playing with her. Good practice since Krystal is due end of May with a little boy.
Dion came over as well to check out the pics from his session. He loves Wesley to death. We call him "uncle dion" now.
We had a very fun filled day. We love you Wesley!!!

Wesley 1 day old.

Wesley at 3 months

Wesley at 6 months

Wesley at 9 months

Wesley today, age 1.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Almost One Year!

I'm not even sure how I made him laugh in this photo but I liked it because you can see most of his teeth!
P.S I apologize for the hairy legs

On our walk. It was a beautiful average day for the Wyoming winter.

One of Wesleys favorite things to do. He always seems to peek under him.

He is in love with ducks. If you ask him where it is he will go look for it and bring it back to you. This is the one he doesn't have in the tub and carries it everywhere.

He is growing up way too fast. Next week he will be 1. Seriously?

Some things I wanted to point out. 
  1. He took his first steps a few days before 11 months and has been walking non stop ever since. (Kyle walked at 9mo and I walked at 13mo. Right in the middle!)
  2. He is completely weened of lunch time nursing. Thank you Jesus!! Its not that I didn't want to nurse (because I still do), but I don't have to stress about lunch time feedings or if I'm not home and pumping. It just makes it easier. It wasn't easy for awhile. He refused whole milk, and then I started to add a bit of sugar free chocolate (not the best idea) to his milk and he loved that, but it was a mess. He exploded out of his diapers constantly, so I decided to try it again w/o the chocolate and it worked. I wanted to just give up but I knew it was for the best so I'm glad that he knows what to expect for lunchtime now.
  3. He likes to point. If I point at something, then he will point right back. 
  4. Hes a very good sharer. He even trys to share with our new dog, Cleatus (pic on the family blog)
  5. Still practicing with a spoon. He would rather I feed him. He gets mad sometimes when I try to let him to it himself.
  6. Just recently became picky about certain foods. The cheeseburger hamburger helper he kept spitting out, and a quesadilla which he usually loves. Fruits and veggies are never a fight. He loves them.
  7. His vocab isn't the best. I really only can make out 4 words. Yep, no, mama, dada. He trys to say dog, but it comes out something else. Da i think. Same with duck. And ball. Knows what they are but doesn't sound like word. Were working on it.
  8. He likes to play in the dog water. And when I call him by his first/middle name & NO he always says "ooooo" with that O expression on his face. Cute, but then he does it again. 
His doc appt isn't until the 15th I believe so I won't know measurements until then. His birthday party is Sunday the 14th. So exciting!!

Its March already?!

In 1 week my little boy is turning 1! Where did the time go? He is still walking like a pro. I love how when he walks he has his arms up. Its so cute.
In other news we got a new dog. His name is Cleatus. Thats the name he came with and its ok I guess but he knows it so were sticking with it. Hes a border collie/shepherd mix. I'm thinking australian shepherd but his tail curls and neither collies or shepherds have tails like this so I'm not sure where he got it from. Heres a picture. I took this yesterday, touched it up a little in photoshop with a bit of sharpening, curves, levels, and a seventies twist. I took it with my new camera and new 50mm 1.8 lens. Its so sharp but I'm still getting used to it .

Wesley and his favorite ducky.
Minor editing. Curves adjustment, a touch of sharpening and brought up the exposure because it was a tad dark and corrected the white balance.

Tomorrow I'm so excited to get to meet my nephew Miles. I will probably take way too many photos! But I'm very excited and will post pics when I get a chance.