Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Howl-o-ween

We finished up our pumpkins this morning. It was fun doing something other than a face. Kyle carved the wolf howling and I carved the panther.

Click the image to see it at full size

Wesley had fun playing with the seeds and stringy stuff. He didn't want to stick his hand in though. I'll post pics after the weekend is over.

Tomorrow is going to be fun. My grandma flew in before the 2ft of snow hit denver tuesday. Good timing! I haven't seen my sister since our wedding in May and she is now 25 or so weeks pregnant with a little boy. I'm excited to see her and for everyone to see how big Wesley has gotten. Were all having a turkey dinner at my dads.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where did October go?!

I am definitely overdue for a post! I've been spending so much time on editing photos, and getting my company webpage together I've neglected an update.
Wesley is already 7-1/2 months old! Some of his favorite things to do is to get into everything. He can't crawl yet, but when he is on his belly he turns himself around and pushes himself to things he wants with his feet or hands. This has been something hes been doing for awhile now. He loves to bang on the keyboard. I have an extra one lying around and he yells at it and figures out different sounds he can make with cute.
He is still a rocker..He dances to his music, or when I sing to him..rocking and jumping are ultimately his favorite activity!
Sleeping can sometimes be a struggle. He doesn't always take his naps and when he doesn't he a big crab the whole day. Whether or not he sleeps I still lay him down in his crib and put on his music, which usually works, but not always. Sometimes I think its due to his teething. He has 3 teeth in and 2 more close to coming in.

We went to visit Grandpa Jud on Tuesday. Wesley is a great traveler usually except for this time towards the end of the trip to Fort Collins he wanted to cry the whole time. Even with his binky in his mouth. He had already eaten and had a diaper change...the teething gets the best of him. I must say though he really is a trooper and a great baby. Food is never an issue. Hes an excellent eater. He will try anything I give him. Most of the time though he is impatient and won't wait for me to get it ready. When your hungry your hungry!
I did give him some chicken the other day. FUNNY...when he took a bite he didn't swallow it, or do anything. He let it sit in his mouth and gave me the "what the $@#* was that" look. I'm going to try again next week with a different meat.

There really isn't any other news. Both of our classes are going well and life is still pretty much the same. Very excited for Halloween next weekend. We didn't even carve pumpkins this year. We didn't last year either. Were so boring lol. Next year for sure when Wesley is older. But I'm going to take him downtown to trick or treat..mainly to show off his costume and to get out of the house, and go with a friend and her daughter that night trick or treating. I do have a cute picture of Wesley in his 1st Halloween outfit Grandma Kim got him. I'm going to take some pictures of him in the Cat in the Hat costume this week.

And as always please check out my website.

I also forgot to add that we had a really big snow on Oct 10th and we took Wesley outside for the first time. He enjoyed it and can't wait to take him outside more this winter.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Photography and design business....

So I'm finally getting my photography and design blog put together. I still have to add my examples, but I'm working on it. Everything was on my old computer and with my new one I'm slowing moving everything over. I plan on getting my own server here soon so I can have my own personal website and get advertising and that sort of thing.

Plus I'm working on different logo designs. This one is just something I'm using for now. Its ok and the font I customized myself but it needs something more. Font size bigger and I'm not sure about the square. Or even the picture of my son. But once I get a few finished I'd like some feedback please =)

Check it out!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

RIP Max kitty cat

He was a cat that my mom and i got when we lived in Maine back in 1998. When my family moved to california, and I moved to Wyoming to live with my Dad, my Mom brought Max to live with us. He has been a part of the family for 11 years. He was 4 or so when we got him which would make him 15.

The last few months he had been in and out of the vet because he was sneezing a lot. Nothing seemed to work and he wasn't getting better. The last week or so light and sound bothered him. He stopped eating and starting cuddling on my Dads lap (he was never a lap cat before). Yesterday morning he went to the vet and really what they thought were bad sinuses was really possibly a cancerous tumor that was building in his sinuses.

He was a wonderful part of the family and as much as we didn't want to see him go, it was better for him and now he isn't suffering and with God. We love you Max and will never forget you.

He is buried in my Dads backyard in Fort Collins.

R.I.P Max - '94 - 10/7/09

He has such long fur that he needed a hair cut.

Cozy on the chair.
I will add more pics when I get them transferred over from my other computer.

Cat in the Hat

I bought Wesley's halloween costume for this year on Ebay. He is going as the Cat in the Hat.

I don't have a picture but it will be totally cute.
I'm taking him on the 30th to safe treat at the University dorms. And halloween were going out with a friend of mine, Krystal and her daughter Adriannah. Anyone know if anything else that goes on for kids in october??

Visit from Mom..."Grandma Kim"

My Mom came to visit 9/23-9/28. It was chilly the first day but the weather was great the rest of the time. I was able to get a bunch of homework done and she cooked and even cleaned!

It was a very nice treat and I'm glad she could come visit. We took Wesley's 6 month pictures at the sandbox and swings across the street. Wesley loved it!

Also Kyle and I got to have a date night on Saturday. Back in Feb for valentines day I got him 2 tickets to see the Cardinals play the Rockies so we drove to Denver for that and didn't get home until after 1am =(. It was a long day! We didn't leave early enough because we got there just as the star spangled banner was being sung. We left at 3p and its a 2 hr drive and the game started at 6:10p. Didn't factor in gameday traffic plus we had to walk really far to the year were going to take Wesley and stay with my Dad in Fort Collins hopefully or my sister in Loveland or just go to a day game.

The next morning we were exhausted. Actually we got to sleep in since my mom was there. Wesley also started to say "dada" that day also.

Monday I took my mom back down to the bus station and we made it there just 1 min before the bus was going to leave...but then I found out they were waiting for her since she had a reservation. Overall we had a great trip and it was wonderful to see her and she was very helpful and we didn't even fight at all!! Which is actually a surprise because usually its complete opposite.

I'll upload some pics later.