Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 2: 22 Days of organizing, Xmas gifts/projects, and starting a healthier lifestyle

Most of my day went pretty well until afternoon when I was completely exhausted after a very intense bike ride. Breakfast and lunch were as planned…but basically did nothing this afternoon, which was not the plan…I also need to make sure I get atleast 8 hrs of sleep because the 6 I got last night was not enough….. so I will be signing off shortly. So what I didn’t do today will get moved to tomorrow. Also didnt take any photos besides ones of myself...which I will put up tomorrow.

1.       Nov 30th
·         8-9: Wake up at 8am, start a load of laundery..do 45 min workout video or wii fit.
·         9-930: Breakfast will be oatmeal with blueberries
·         930-10: Shower
·         10-12 Chores: Unload dishwasher, reload & run, clear counter…laundry…litter box..pick up living room…clear bathroom counter, organize under sink
·         12-1230 Lunch: Apple & Broccoli salad
·         1230-130: Outside time..pickup yard
·         130-430: Re-can jelly, and mandarin oranges. (2-3 hr block of time)
·         430-6 Dinner: I think meal planning on sat/sun will be something I try to do again..but I just cant think of what to cook…something chicken probably….maybe butternut squash..or cooked carrots..not sure lol
·         After dinner I need to get a few things at the store…I also need to make a list of gift ideas, and start making a shopping list for things I’m making, get supplies together…
·         Rest of the night I’m not sure yet…lol but its time for bed so I can atleast get 8 hrs of sleep.

I've also recently found a blog that has inspired me..Undressed Skeleten you should really check it out.

Day 1: 22 Days of organizing, Xmas gifts/projects, and starting a healthier lifestyle

I am alive!! I know i haven't posted in like a million years but I am here and have a plan for the next few weeks. Here is my plan.... I hope this helps me stay focused, and get back on track.
Every night I will post my photos I took for that day as well. That is also good to keep my photo skills up, and so family that doesn't live nearby can keep track of us :P 

22 Days of Organizing, Homemade Christmas Projects and starting a healthier lifestyle
Each day I will do 1 organizing/cleaning project, one diy/gift project, and healthy lifestyle change. As well as spending time with Wesley, daily cleaning, and cooking.
1.       Day 1- Nov 29th:
·         Wake up at 8am and get dressed/ready  for the day.
·         Meals will be healthy. Breakfast will include egg & veggie burrito with glass of milk. Lunch will include tuna salad, and dinner will include chicken or shrimp stirfry. Snacks will include fresh fruit or veggies.. Wesley will have more whole grain. I will log all of my meals in a book.
·         To start the day off right will get out the stroller and take a walk from home to pilot, to prison, and back home. I will also walk everyday to check the mail.
·         Cleaning will include unloading/reloading dishwasher, clearing off counter, and starting/putting away laundry.
·         Errands to the bank to deposit check, to the courthouse to pay truck taxes, and to talk to circuit court will be done just before noon, to insure Kyle is picked up on time from class.
·         For the afternoon I will re-can the watermelon jelly, and can the mandarin oranges.
·         I will spend 1 hour exclusively to Wesley, project/crafts depend on mood at the time. I will also take 1 photo each day of Wesley and things we do.
·         I will not turn on the television until all of these projects are done. I will drink a glass of water all day to keep myself full. I will not have any soda or candy.
·         Each evening I will blog my plan  each day. I hope this will help me keep on track and get as much done as I can before Kyle’s graduation, and family arrives.  Since I am not working, and probably won’t be until after the holidays, I need to stay busy and productive.