Sunday, August 1, 2010

Arizona Vacation

I feel like I'm really depriving this blog!! On June 23rd we headed south in our toyota rav. Day 1 we hit Albuquerque
 and stayed in a hotel. Day 2 we got in to Benson, AZ later in the afternoon. And yes we were already sick of driving. But this was only our 1st stop of 3 we had planned for our vacation.
My husband's sister, that he has never met, lives there. So since we were going to be in AZ already we though we would pack up a couple days early and make a stop.
Kyle has a lot of family in the Benson, Tucson area that he has never met. His biological dad that he last saw when he was 2, so of course we got to see him for a day. We met a cousin and his family in Tucson for another fun filled day. Kyles sister also has a 12mo old so Wesley had a playmate for the few days we were there.
The last day we were in Benson we headed to Tucson to meet Kyle's cousin, and family for a day at the pool. Afterward we went to dinner at an all you can eat buffet place. I forgot the name.

Sunday morning we headed north towards Sedona. A family from Phoenix had won my giveway for a free session and prints and we were going to meet in Phoenix but not having internet the entire time in Benson didn't help me get a map, and we ran into traffic because of an accident and then were totally lost trying to figure out where to go. My cellphone was acting up (it has been since I washed it), and so that was a no go. So off we went towards Sedona. We stopped @ in n out burger on the way out of phoenix, since there were a few off the highway.

The week was awesome! I couldn't of imagined a better, much less GORGEOUS place to relax. The family played tennis every morning. I did water aerobics one day, but preferred tennis the rest of the time. We swam, had lots of yummy home cooked meals, had family photos taken, lots of Euchre, a family baseball game, and of course drinks!

I wish we could have stayed a few more days, but it was on to the last part of our vacation. We drove east to visit Kyles other sister in Clovis, NM. Wesley got to play with his other cousin, Jasper, and we just relaxed.

By the end of the trip we were POOPED. We drove a total of 2650 miles and we were ready to be out of the car by the time our trip was over!!

Plus I took 749 photos and am still going through them. But for now here are a few of my favorites from the trip.

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