Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!!

Happy Mothers Day to all the wonderful Mommys in the world!!

We plan on going out to brunch...and I'm probably just going to grocery shop for next weeks meals, and clean since the hubs works nights and will probably be going to bed after brunch. But I want eggs benedict! Mmm... 

I'm still in the middle of deciding what I want to make this week because Monday is the day I start my diet lifestyle change. 
One thing that is going to help me is this new awesome cookbook I just got in the mail a few days ago.

Now I'm not always going to have every single ingredient they mention, but I'll sure try because it makes it super easy for me to not have to look up every single ingredient for recipes and figure that out. 

Oh and stay tuned!!! I'm going to have an awesome giveaway coming up VERY SOON!!!

And I've also recently become obsessed with BIG LOVE. 
Ever since my religion class, and having to write a 10 page paper on polygamy, I've been hooked. If you haven't even seen the show it really is dramatic. And utah is gorgeous too!! 
If you've seen the show tell me what you think about it?!

Time to get some sleep.

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Jenny said...

happy mother's day!