Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time to get his walk on!

Wesley is walking!! I posted the video over on our family blog.

Check it out!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Little man Walking!

Just a cute little video of wesley walking! Yay!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Photo Contest.

I found a new blog I love!! For anyone who is interested in weekly photo contests this is the place for you!

Check out my latest entry for iheartfaces photo contest.
This is the first week that I've entered.

Let me know what you think of my photo.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

We have a walker...!

Little Wesley is on the move!! After dinner he decided enough was enough and walked everywhere. Of course he isn't perfect yet but I'm so proud of him!! He took the most steps he possibly could have tonight. One side of the room to the other. So 20 steps maybe! Its hard to catch him in action but heres a little bit of what he was doing tonight. Sorry about the quality. All I had was the cell to grab.

Maybe tomorrow will have the same outcome as tonight. 

2-1/2 weeks hes going to be 1!! I cant believe it. This year has flown by.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Free photography sessions!

Anyone interested in photography sessions?? I'm offering them free. Please read my latest blog.

I am working on building my portfolio for the photography business.

Check it out!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy birthday Kyle!

Today is Kyles 23rd birthday. Here is the card I made for him.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

11 months already

This last weekend was a lot of fun with a couple birthday parties, and seeing his friends. Especially loving the cake and desserts. It was nice for Wesley to have a special treat since usually he doesn't eat anything sweet at all besides fruit.
Wesley also took his first steps a couple days ago!! I'm so proud of him and how much he has accomplished these last few months. Hes 11 months old today, and its crazy to think this time last year I was pregnant ready to have him anyday and of course he was a week late.

  • He knows what a duck is. When its bathtime I also ask him where his duck is and he looks around and picks it up and then I quack for him. He loves it!!
  • Some of his other favorite animal sounds are cows, horses, dogs and kitty cats. He may not be able to say them but he sure knows what they are!
  • Bathtime is still a favorite. The other day he was in there for an hour!! Easy way to make time pass before bed.
  • Eating with a spoon is getting so much better. We practice all the time and when I let him do it by himself he knows what to do. He is so proud of himself when I cheer that he did such a good job. 
  • He is getting picky with certain foods though. Some days its impossible to get him to eat any veggies or meats. Fruits are gobbled down instantly. Favorites are peaches, applesauce, mango, apples, banana, egg salad sandwich and of course cake! 
  • I still feed him baby cereal but have started to put whole milk in it so try to get him used to the taste slowly. He doesn't care for it at all otherwise. Its hard to transition a baby who is exclusively breastfed with no pumping and I would really love to ween him off the lunch and mid afternoon feedings. Any suggestions on how to do that without pumping?
  • He has a total of 8 teeth. 4 on top, 4 on bottom.
  • His orange stuffed dr seuss animal is his favorite to cuddle with in bed.
  • Dancing is a daily activity. He loves dancing to everything!
  • He shakes his his no at everything. Sometimes it looks funny because he shakes no and nods yes at the same time. 
  • The choo choo train is his favorite toy. He loves to take the balls out and put them back in and find other objects to stick in there and hope they will come out but wont. Of course he gets mad when they get stuck lol
  • We have photos of us on the end table and he points to daddy and says his name. Same with mommy. Its so cute, but now I need to get on the ball and get more photos of grandma and grandpa so he can see them even when they aren't here.
  • Big time mommas boy. Wants to cuddle with me more than anything.
  • Naptimes are now in the afternoon. After his schedule getting messed up over the holidays he now takes a couple hr nap right after lunch. I like it a bit better this way anyhow. 
  • I wish I knew what Wesley said because he loves to talk up a storm about everything. Especially when talking to himself in the mirror.
  • Not really any new words, but says yep to us a lot.
  • He understands the sign for milk but doesn't sign it really at all. Understands no very well. And still doesn't like to wave bye bye or clap. He does this hand wiping motion thing instead. Very cute. 
Well thats all I can think of for now. On a different computer so I don't have a photo to upload at this moment. Will another time when I get the chance.

Happy 11months little man. 1 month left till the big day. Can't wait!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Godfathers pizza

Today we went to a birthday party at godfathers. Wesley loved looking at all of the people and kids there. He didn't care too much for the pizza. Only had a couple bites and then just wanted to crawl around. The cake he absolutely loved! A good friend of mine makes cakes for a side hobby and made this adorable tinkerbell princess cake, banana flavored. I love the cream cheese filling frosting and bananas. Mmmm and Wesley loved it even more. I didn't give him a lot but he scarfed the whole thing. Next month for his bday I know what kind of cake I'm going to get him (minus the princess of course.)

Speaking of birthdays, in 4 weeks is Wesleys 1st birthday! I'm getting so excited. Yes maybe he wont remember it but I will so I want to make it fun and as special as possible. I'm thinking sesame street with red, yellow, blue, green; streamers; balloons. I want to get him a tickle me elmo and some sesame street pjs and a pillow case and a towel that have his name on them. Kyle is trying to make him a toy box. Well we haven't even started or drawn out measurements for what we want. I was going to paint it and put his name on it. If we don't make one I would like to find an old trunk or something that I can customize. I would def replace the hinges with piano ones so there wouldn't be any smooshed fingers.

Maybe I can find one on craigslist.

Anyone have any other cute sesame street ideas for things I could do? What did you do for your childs first birthday? I would love to hear!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little things

Its almost been a week already since I've updated. So after Wesley got sick and Kyle and I got sick and we all recovered (by sunday), everything was all and well again.
I don't know if I mentioned this but his 8th tooth came thru. The bottom right lateral incisor. And I know for sure his molars are coming in because he has been SUPER clingy ever since been since, drooling all over the place, and whatever else would make him cry and scream.

He has this little rash under his bottom lip on his chin from the drool and it hasn't gone away at all. I have this cream for chapped skin I put on it but it doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions??
And not only is there a rash on his chin but he has these little dry skin patches all over his body. I have eczema and I know he probably has it as well. Con of living in Wyoming where its dry and cold ALL THE TIME.
So if people think I'm weird because I don't give him a bath everyday then whatever, hes just not super dirty yet and I hate drying his skin out even more. Aveeno is what I use on my skin and his. LOVE that stuff.

So today I am officially trying to start weaning off breastmilk. 5 weeks until his 1st birthday so I wanted to give myself plenty of time so he could adjust. He wouldn't take it for anything. I already knew he was stubborn but now its really shining through. Oh boy, its going to be way tougher than I thought.
I wanted to start by just taking the 430p nursing and just giving him a little whole milk with a snack. He just cried and screamed the entire time. And btw he doesn't even drink out of a bottle, just a sippy cup. Well I don't pump because I barely get anything anyways from that. Hopefully tomorrow goes a little smoother.
I also plan to start getting Wesley used to a spoon....if I can keep his food on his plate.
His thing is to take the plate, dump all the food on the tray and then throw the plate on the floor.

He fights a lot of the time with me when I try to give him things. They say your kids are worse than you..well crap then LOL because Kyle and I are both stubborn.

So anyhow we haven't done too much this week. I feel like a bad mom because I don't play and interact with him as much as I should..or read to him. Thats one thing I really need to get better at. I want Wesley to be smart and learn and not have to be put in special classes because of me not teaching him. I see all of these other kids that know so much more than Wesley and I know its my fault. Hes not around kids enough either. I wish we knew more people with kids. I want him to learn how to share and learn to interact like a 10mo old should.
Next week he is 11 months old and hopefully I'll get some new photos of him up before then.