Monday, May 10, 2010

Meal Plan Monday - Heathly Eating [May 10]

I spent a lot of time working on my menu this week. Probably longer than I wanted to but it was well worth it. 
Since today was my official start date for my weight-loss journey I wanted to make the meals extra healthy.
I even planned out my breakfast and lunch meals as well.

Breakfast: HG Chocolate Banana Smoothie
Lunch: OL BLT Salad 
Dinner: FF Strawberry Orange Pasta Salad, corn on the cob

Breakfast: OL Breakfast Smoothie
Lunch: HG Chinese Salad
Dinner: OL Minestrone Soup

Breakfast: Bowl of frosted mini wheats cereal, 1 slice of whole wheat toast
Dinner: HG Goo-lash, green beans, caesar salad

Breakfast: FF Breakfast Burrito
Lunch: HG Spicy Taco Tuna Salad
Dinner: FF Homemade Pizza (Veggie)

Breakfast: HG Berry Smoothie
Lunch: HG Chick'n Salad
Dinner: HG Tomato Basil Chicken, baked potato, brown rice

Breakfast: HG Taco Scramble
Lunch: Left overs
Dinner: HG lo mein

Breakfast: FF French Toast
Lunch: Left overs
Dinner: Left overs

HG hungry girl cookbook
OL online recipe
FF family favorite
OC other cookbooks

Interested in calorie info or weight watchers points info??
Or want one of the hungry girl recipes from the book??

Then head on over to my weight-loss blog!!! 
Each day I will post my food log and that days worth of recipes, calories and weight watchers points!!!

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