Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome to the World of Wesley

This blog is going to be all about Wesley. Its not easy raising a kid but I wanted have a blog just for him sharing special moments, photos, and even the rough and not so fun moments. I wish I would have started this when he was born about the things he has accomplished in just 10 months and all of the little things that I've overlooked but I figure now is better than never.

So today was one of those common lazy days. We have a lot of those in our house. I didn't get out of bed until 9a but he was up as usual. Some days he gets up earlier and starts to cry and I end of hearing him, but not today. He still hates sitting still on his changing table. Just getting a diaper hes already turned himself on his tummy and pulling himself up to stand. The kid isn't scared of falling at all. His balance is amazing actually. I'm finally almost finished with size 3 diapers. He is at that stage where he really needs 3.5 but I'd rather he wear ones that are a little big than too small. I've not gone back to Luvs in awhile. I've stuck with Pampers. They just do the job so much better especially when he has a blow out, which he hasn't had that many since eating solid foods.

Todays meals included:
Oatmeal, and a half piece of toast for breakfast; some of my egg salad sandwich for lunch with apple juice, goulash for dinner. Yes I was bad today and didn't give him any fruits or veggies. Well the goulash had green pepper, onion, and tomato, but tomorrow will be better!!

Some days are better than others. Most of his nutrition still comes from me nursing so I'm not worried when he doesn't eat 3 meals some days. I really look forward to the whole milk transition next month. I'm not sure exactly how to go about doing it because I don't pump, and he only drinks out of a sippy cup (which I'm very proud that I don't have to ween him from a bottle).

Ok moving on. There really wasn't anything special about today. Actually 1 thing I do remember was he stood up without holding on to anything. I'm pretty sure that was today, or maybe it was yesterday. But anyhow I was so proud of him that he is getting better and better each day. At 10-1/2 months hes doing amazing! Its not a big deal to me he isn't walking yet. Hell I didn't walk until 13mo so whenever hes ready is fine with me.
A couple of his favorite toys are my keys, and our cellphones. He gets so mad when you try to give him something else.
He also understands no very well, too well actually. He hits himself on the head when you say no to certain things.
Well I'm exhausted and need to get some sleep. I hope Wesley sleeps. He did throw up his goulash. He didn't wake up from it, but I saw it before I came to blog. I accidently woke him up taking the blankets off his bed. I just didn't want him to sleep in all that yuckiness. But hes back to sleep now hopefully until 8a or so.


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