Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 2

Today was not a good day to start the challenge. I got less than 4 hrs of sleep which made me feel like complete shit all day. I didn't get everyday done, because I ended up taking a 3 hr nap. Plus my Dad and Gma came to visit and they were here until about 4p.
I was able to get up, get a shower, and get things cleaned around the house. Kyle helped. The dishes were the last thing that I didn't get done. Cleaning takes forever!! Was able to go get my english book, and I was not happy that they were out of used copies! This book was not one that I could find online. It was compiled by the english dept so its definitely not something I could find outside of Wyoming. Oh well. We had lunch at Applebees. Haven't been there since my sister came to visit me in April. Went home and played with wesley for a little bit. We were all so tired, and I was as well because of the 3 hrs of sleep I got last night. We went to bed. Had a 3 hr nap! Up by 7p and then I had to get Wesley some dinner and I couldn't find a quick recipe for anything with the ingredients I had. So he just ate some green beans and bologna. He was being picky about everything else and thats what he ended up eating. I just ate left of goulash from last night with a half of an egg salad sandwich.
I'm hoping tomorrow and Wednesday play out better because then I'll be well rested. I did as much as I could with the little sleep but I did not even turn the tv on until 830p to watch diners drive ins and dives, while I was nursing Wesley before bed.
So it was good day I think, definitely not a lazy day. And yes maybe I didn't get everything done, but I tried. Now I better get my goals down for the next 2 days and get a little bit of my english homework done before bed.
Go HERE to see Day 1 and which goals I completed.

Day 2
Goals for the Day:
  • Attend both english and drawing classes (class is from 120p-630p)
  • Finish the dishes
  • Make a weekly menu (1/27- 2/2)
  • Take a walk in the morning with Wesley if its not too chilly
  • Get english paper started. Type atleast 2 pages
  • Make Blue cheese potato soup..Mmmm

I will write Wednesdays goals tomorrow because right now I need to get homework done. I'm completely exhausted. Tomorrow I am also going to post some of the things I would like to do this year. Some of them are goals, and some are just activites.

Good night.

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