Thursday, January 28, 2010

Still sick...

Today was mostly taking care of Wesley. He threw up twice, poor little guy. The first time was after nursing him at lunch and trying to get him to eat a little bit of banana. That stayed down all of 2 seconds. The nurse told us not to give him any fruit or fruit juice. I'm not sure why because I was always put on the brat diet when I wasn't feeling well and I thought bananas were low in acid. Well whatever, anyways, we got him some pedialite to try to keep him hydrated and give him a few crackers. He didn't really want anything to eat. He kept pushing the sippy cup away. Actually he was pretty happy most of the day besides throwing up and not eating. We just laid low, and did a few things around the house. He did get a nice warm bath for about half hour, which really relaxed him.
The second time was just before Kyle got home from playing basketball just before dinner. After that he wouldn't drink any pedialite and fell asleep. I didn't get to nurse him like a usually do before bed because he was already asleep by 630p. He hasn't woke up since. Last night he didn't make a peep until 930a and I'm guessing tonight will be the same but you never know..

So our plans for Wesley to see his Grandpa and Great-Grandma have been cancelled due to the sickness. I hope he feels better by the weekend so we can get outside and take a walk or go to the park if its nice enough.

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