Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 4

Once again I am the master at pizza making! It runs in the family. After Tues feeling like crap, yesterday I felt a little better, but Wesley was not feeling well so of course I didn't get everything done I wanted to. I did however get my menu planned out for the next 2 weeks.

This is what I'm making. And let me know if you want a recipe for anything I make!

  • 1/27 Wed: BBQ chicken pizza, salad ran out of time
  • 1/28 Thurs: BBQ Pulled Pork, potato salad, corn
  • 1/29 Fri: Lettuce Wraps,
  • 1/30 Sat: Eggs benedict, potatoes, oj, and fruit mix, Dessert: Bread Pudding
  • 1/31 Sun: Breakfast: Pancakes. Dinner: Leftovers
  • 2/1 Mon: Gumbo, rice 
  • 2/2 Tues: Shrimp Tostadas
  • *2/3 Wed: Pizza, beef on weck with salad
  • 2/4 Thurs: Pork Stew
  • 2/5 Fri: Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole
  • 2/6 Sat: Orange chicken, carrots, fried rice. Dessert: Turtle Cheesecake
  • 2/7 Sun: Pancakes. Dinner: Leftovers
  • 2/8 Mon: White chicken chili, couscous, beer cheese bread
  • 2/9 Tues: Salmon, broccoli, brown rice
Cooking is expensive! I spent way too much at the grocery store. But if you want your family to eat healthy and not eat fast food this is what you have to do. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I won't have to get too much at the store. I need to start getting coupons for things and incorporating that into a meal. I could probably save a ton of money that way.

On another note, I really need a job BAD. I'm not very good though at working, and going to school and taking care of Wesley. I just know from experience. And I don't want our family to have to struggle like this. It makes me super stressed out and I can't focus on things. I need to just get it together and get a job, which I've started applying to various places, and making a list of other places I need to go and apply to. I don't care if I like the job or not. I can atleast go to work and come home knowing I'm contributing to the family. My education is just going to have to be put on hold again for a little bit.
Atleast its still early enough in the semester to where I'm not throwing everything away.
And technically I will still be a student because I'm keeping my friday class. I can focus on making money, my family, and even be able to save money so I can get a new camera and work on my portfolio for my photography & design business.
But anyhow, the economy sucks so I probably won't find something in a week, but hopefully by March I can get something 25-30 hrs a week. Hopefully. And as far as Wesley goes, I am lucky enough that Kyle works nights so I don't have to worry about him being in daycare unless I need to get to DFS and apply for childcare services for a couple days a week. But I'll worry about that when the time comes.

So for Day 4, which is today because I was too exhausted to blog last night.
  • Apply to 3 or 4 places (Albertsons, Wal-mart, daycare center, and quiznos (if I have time)
  • Laundry
  • Make pulled pork already in crockpot soaking in the delicious flavors
Wesley is napping, I'm going to get dressed and run a few errands since Kyle has a day off and won't be sleeping today.

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