Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh the places you will go, vacation style...

School ended Dec 11th so I haven't be blogging at all, and now school just recently started again but I have a short break and have a chance to update everyone on the month of December.

Wesley and I left Dec 12th to go visit Grandma & Grandpa Cool & Uncle Griffin in California. The airplane ride was only a couple of hours and Wesley was a great traveler. Unfortunately after he had his snack and started playing and jumping on me and looking at the other passengers he thew up. He wasn't sick, it was just a combination of the altitude, and the activity. And stupid me, I didn't put a change of clothes in the diaper bag! So I tried to get Wesley as clean as possible but that didn't work very well. A very kind passenger offered one of her sons shirts to us and that was wonderful because I didn't have to keep Wesley naked the rest of the trip. Now his pants were still wet from me washing them, and my shirt was completely gross and I atleast has a sweatshirt to throw on (which was the zip up kind and was short and not the best thing to wear, but it worked for a bit).
So the first day we got in it rained later in the afternoon. We didn't get a chance to relax, we immediately went to a soccer party - bbq for my brothers team. Had some food, and then got Wesley back to take a nap. We had been up since 5a that morning.

While we were there we got to see Griffin play in 3 basketball games. (1 we only saw the tail end) 1 win 1 loss. Wesley loved it! We also played a lot and hung out with the neighbors kids. Wesley of course got to eat In-N-Out Burger. Yumm. He had a hard time sleeping for the first few nights but finally got used to his pack n play after awhile. 
We had a lot of fun there! And Wesley really enjoyed being around uncle griffin. My husband had to work so he stayed back in Wyoming.

2 days after arriving I did receive a phone call from my husband that his father had passed away. It was an untimely death, and for the rest of the trip I wanted to leave an go home so bad to be with him. This has been very hard for us still to cope with.

When I arrived back home Dec 22nd, I had a lot of Xmas shopping to finish up. Got everything situated and went down to Fort Collins. Wesley got to see Grandpa Jud and Great Grandma Brown. We had our Xmas the next morning on Xmas Eve. We received so many wonderful gifts. Wesley got a new sled, lots of toys, a couple outfits. He preferred to play with the wrapping paper and bows! lol.
Kyle and I got a new sled also, a digital picture frame, tools (kyle), photography and art books (jen), gift cards to old navy, and lots of other many wonderful gifts. It was wonderful to visit and we loved everything!

The roads were awful Thurs night when we drove back home. My car (chevy corsica), was really and unreliable car to be driving. I've had so many issues with that thing, and I just wanted something better that wouldn't break down on me anytime soon. But we made it home safe, and thank goodness because the roads ended up being closed later that night thru Saturday!

Xmas morning we woke up whenever Wesley did. Santa was very generous this year and we had a lot of things from family that we had brought back from California as well and things that were mailed. A few things Wesley got was a choo choo train, other learning toys, sesame street dvds, new bath toys, hat & gloves, and lots of books!
Kyle and I got new baseball gloves!! I'm super excited to break mine in when the weather gets nicer. I lost my other one a few years ago and have no idea where it went. I'm hoping to also join the co-ed softball team this summer as well. It would be really good for me to do, plus I don't know if I'll be nursing but once a day then so it will work out perfect. I got a Wacom graphic tablet that I'm super excited to start using for my designs! Its the perfect tool I needed to help me in photoshop and illustrator making my own graphics and such. Some other things we received were some jeans (kyle), model kits (kyle), torrid gift card (jen),  harry potter and a new blu-ray player that my wonderful husband got me. I also surprised him with a limited edition xbox 360 elite and he was in love! We had an amazing Xmas and are so thankful for everything we received. Even though Kyles father had passed we did try and make Xmas the best we could.

Later that afternoon we were going to have dinner with my friend Amy and her family. But my car decided not to start that day. What luck. We were able to get a ride from Amy and headed on over there for some yummy food and enjoyed hanging out with everyone. Wesley loved Brooklyne. I'm sad I didn't get any photos =(

Saturday we had to get a rental car that would make it to Kansas because of course mine had to break down.
We ended up with a Kia Spectra. It worked to get to and from without breaking down because it was a new vehicle. We left for Kansas Sunday morning and got in that evening. Wasn't a bad trip at all, about 450 miles. We were right on the border of Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. Didn't see the tri-state line but thats ok. The memorial service was on Tuesday the 28th. Very sad day for everyone. There was a lot of food and drinking afterward. I only had 2 bacardi mojitos. For the rest of the trip we just hung out with Kyles family. It was good meeting everyone and meeting my nephew Jasper, who was born in September. We left on New Years day and got in that night.

I was so glad to be home. I had been traveling pretty much the whole month and had only spent a couple days at home for almost a month. There was only a week left before school started so it was nice to relax a bit.
My dad had been talking to us about getting a new vehicle for awhile since mine was on its last legs. We started looking online the next day to decide what we wanted and really loved the rav4. It had more room than my car, was 4wd, and had pretty good gas mileage. We looked at a few different ones and found the best match for us in Fort Collins. Tuesday we headed down to toyota to get the suv. We were there for a few hrs and had Olive garden afterward. I love their soup, salad and breadsticks. I had the zuppa, mmmmmm.

Our beautiful new 2008 Toyota Rav4 Limited

  And that my friends, is the brief version of our holiday season. Phew.

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