Saturday, January 16, 2010

10 months old

On Jan 10th Wesley turned 10 months old. I've been bad about updating every month what he has been learning and I feel its time I start!

Here are some tidbits about Wesley.

  • He loves food! He decided after the trip to California in december he doesn't want to eat baby food anymore. His favorites are bananas, oranges, any kind of cereal, chicken, olives, peaches and pasta.
  • He never really gave me trouble with his veggies until the last few days. He will eat peas and carrots, but he prefers to eat everything else now instead of those.
  • When I give him a plate of food, he likes to dump his food off the plate onto the tray and then drop the plate on the floor. 
  • Storytime is still his favorite. He got a new book where he can feel different textures of animals and is really responsive when I show him what to do. Hes so smart.
  • He doesn't clap. He will let me clap his hands for him, and will open from a fist but he still doesn't do it himself. I'm not in a rush.
  • When I give him something new, like a toy, or something new to eat, he always has to examine what I've given him. Its so funny!
  • His piano is one of his favorite toys. He bangs on it and talks to it and just loves to stand. 
  • He can even stand for long periods of time without holding on to something. 
  • Wesley is now a super crawler. When he doesn't have pants on he walks on his feet and hands, like a spider. Too funny.
  • New words include bebe "baby", and gaga (not sure what he is saying), but he uses other letters such as b, and g now on top of mama and dada.
  • He does know the difference now between mom and dad. When hes hungry, or tired he always crys mama while crawling to me. He is definitely a mamas boy!
  • He wears 12mo clothing, but also wears 18mo stuff alot too. Pants mainly 12mo but shirts, even up to a 2T!
  • I still cannot put shoes on him!! He has chunky feet. He wears size 4, but curls his toes so much that when I do try to force them on he cries and hates it, so I just give up. Even slip ons too. Nothing works.
  • Wesley still is a great traveler! Went on his first plane ride on Dec 12 and first 9 hour road trip just after Xmas. I am so proud of him!
  • He has 7 teeth now. 4 on top and 3 on bottom.
  • Wesley likes to pinch. 
  • Gets really mad over little things and then throws a fit for awhile until someone picks him up.
  • He absolutely hates anyone touching his nose, mouth, or putting anything over his face.

His "oooo" face

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~Randomosity For the Soul~ said...

Awww! Glad to hear he's doing well. Syriah is 10 months now too and just got her first set of bottom teeth coming in! She's a fast crawler now and she's almost walking but she's too impatient, she goes too fast and then falls lol!
She claps all the time ( and I mean all the time) when she does something she knows me and my hubby or anyone else is proud of. I can't believe she's close to a year old already! Where has the time gone?! Lol!