Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Worries and woes

Sometimes I wish we had the perfect life. No worrying about whether or not we can afford to put gas in our car or food on the table, or pay our gas bill, electric, house payment, etc.
Sometimes I wish that school was easy and that I didn't have to study for a test, or spend week upon week writing a paper, or struggling with understanding what I'm learning.
Sometimes I wish marriage was easy and there wasn't any arguing, cursing, physical fights, food fights, breaking things, watching our 1 year old hear and see everything.
I wish life was stress free and that I didn't have to worry about any of these things. Sometimes I wish that God would make my life a little easier and help me figure out how to deal with these things. How to get my husband to stop using the F word constantly. And not just the F word but how to help him control his anger, especially his temper and lashing out physically.
My 1 year old son now says OW OW OW all the time. I wonder where he heard that from? Well...the truth...from ME. He would see and hear all the violence and anger from daddy...and mommy too. And all of these issues...money, school, work, debt....are all the cause of our frustrations. The pent up anger. We need to get it under control. And its hard....and this journey is not going to get easier. Its going to get HARDER.

So why can't my life be a little bit easier? Cut me some slack eh? Maybe something good will happen this week to ease some of this stress.

And you want to know something... We haven't had a family picture taken since Wesley was 3 months old. Not even with our camera. Its either me and wesley, or Kyle and Wesley or just Wesley. And I really want that.

Ok so to end this blog on a good note here is a picture.

An Apple a day keeps the doctor away

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aPearl said...

Don't you wish we could just be little again? Not deal with all this grown up stuff!