Sunday, April 18, 2010

UBP After Party!!!

This week was a blast looking through all of the blogs. I'm still not finished either. I have a list of all the ones I want to see and try to get to a few each day but its hard. There are soooooooooooo many!!!

Thank you so much everyone for stopping by my family blog, and my photography blog.

3 new blogs I discovered this week are:

The Crayon Wrangler

Please subscribe to my blog or follow me and I'll be sure to do the same for you too!! Just leave me a comment letting me know!

I have BIG plans for this blog. Here are a few hi-lights. I hope you tune in. I'm even considering adding a MckLinky so others can link up to their craft projects, meal plans and any other household projects they are doing. It would be really fun.
  • Weekend Spring Cleaning (to prepare for spring/summer I'm going to be cleaning out an area of my house each weekend and either freecycling, donating, trashing, selling or a combo of all of those.) And calling it Trash it Thursday for the theme. Then it would be easier to not have to link up on weekends. And then I can post my completed area I de-cluttered and see what everyone else is doing for spring cleaning. Or this might just be something I do myself because I have no idea how many people are spring cleaning.
  • Weekend Craft projects (Wesley is getting older and able to do a lot more than he use to. And also our walls are bare and we have too much stuff. SO I plan to each weekend find a family friendly craft or make something useful for our house that is LOW COST.) If I did this weekly I was thinking Show & Tell Tuesday? So everyone can show their project. Or a previous project they might have done.
  • Weekly Menu Plans (I really need to have a menu plan and STICK WITH IT. I would love to get the menu done on Friday, and shop on Saturday for the supplies. 2 weeks worth. This gives me an opportunity to get coupons and whatever else I may need to save some money. I would love to be more frugal! And if you have suggestions for meals or recipes I would love to hear them. I will also post my favorite recipes for the week as well. This will be a weekly theme). Meal Plan Monday.
What other things would you like to see on my blog??

Over at my photography blog I have weekly themes. I don't get around to them every week but I try.
  • Mystery Monday
  • Toddler Tuesday
  • Wyoming Wednesday
  • Thankful Thursday
  • Fix it Friday
Please check it out!!!
I just love following blogs and keeping in touch with people. Who knows, maybe someday I'll get to meet a few fellow bloggers!! That would be super fun.

I am always looking for new local friends as well to get together with or have playdates with the kiddo. Tata for now!!

And because I cannot end this post without a photo here is Wesley playing. I really hope to get more photos outside now that the weather is warming up!


Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!!

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Michelle said...

I'm going to visit one of those blogs.

Your themes look great.

Thank you for visiting me after the party! there are so many blogs I still want to visit.

Please, do join us for the biggest loser.