Monday, April 12, 2010

13 months

Happy 13th months Wesley. (i know i know...i'm a day late.)
Mealtime has gotten a lot better. I've added a lot of different things to his plate and avoid the fruit until last so it gives him a chance to eat his meat n veggies.

Favorites this month

  • Orange juice
  • any fruits still
  • animal crackers
  • sweet pickles
  • french fries!
  • bagels with cream cheese he just devours.
  • he will eat veggies but each day is different. corn, gb, peas are usually not thrown on the floor.
  • same with meats. chicken nuggets seem to be a hit.

  • Rubber ducks are still a favorite.
  • He pretty much plays with everything.
  • Walks and the park.
  • Throwing the ball.
  • Swimming
In need of new crafts and activies. Maybe try coloring again.

  • Old MacDonald
  • Wheels on the bus
  • Happy & you know it.
I really need to learn more songs that are interactive. Any ideas??

  • Bubbles bubbles. (a new sesame street book.)
  • Tazmanian Devil
But I try to read other books on his shelf as well.

A new thing is saying oww oww all the time. There arent any other words. Still signs all done, milk, please, more (occasionally).

Also his first molar came in on the top left which has made him pretty cranky during the day, and wakes up a bit more at night (but I let him put himself to sleep most of the time.)

Can't wait for the days to stay warmer longer and then go on bike rides again.

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