Thursday, April 22, 2010

Managing, school, play.

I've pretty much been a stay at home mom since Wesley was born. The summer after he was born I did work at the Help Desk on campus, but that only lasted a month or so. School started, and I was enrolled in 3 classes. I was still nursing, and I just couldn't manage my time and stay caught up on my homework. So I decided to stay enrolled in 1 class. I don't know how moms can do it. Work, school and take care of their kids without daycare. I sure can't do it. But now that Wesley is over 1 year, its gotten a bit easier. I only nurse before bedtime, which he is slowly starting to get over that. I'd give it another month and he will totally be weened. And because he is now going to be totally weened I'm ready to start working again. The photography business is going to take years to get clients, money to put into the business, and building my portfolio. So for now I need to work PT atleast.
Last week I had a job interview at the movie theatre. Tomorrow I have a job interview at the university police dept. If I had a choice between the 2 I would definitely take the police dept job. The perks are better pay. But the movie theatre perks are free movies, soda and popcorn. But I'd rather have the extra money to put towards our bills.
Wish me luck!! I hope I'm lucky enough and rock the interview so I get hired! But if not I hope I hear back from the theatre because having a job is definitely important!
I wish my husband made enough to where I could stay home all the time. But right now he doesn't. And I know he is trying to get into Wyotech for the Dec - Sept program and I would definitely have to work while he was in school. But I hate daycare. And I hope that I don't have to put Wesley in that. Atleast not for awhile.

Do any of you moms work, go to school or just stay home? How do you manage your time? I seem to dink around on the computer too much reading blogs, or blogging. If I limit myself to say 2 hrs a day, an hour in the morning, an hour at night, I just don't feel like its enough time.


Pritchard said...

I work full time, go to school part time and stay at home with Beige. She doesn't nap and is up for 12 hours during the day (leaving a good long 12 hour night). I spend my day playing with her and cleaning. When she goes to bed I sit down and browse status updates on Facebook and then get right to work on either work or school. I usually have a to-do list of things I need to get done and assign certain things to certain days. I find that if I lay out on paper what I am supposed to do each night then it actually gets done most of the time. Time management is hard especially because I would rather be doing fun things for myself. School won't last forever though, so I just tell myself to push through until the end. I have definitely had to minimize computer play to 10-15 minutes a day and I don't watch TV. I do rent movies on occasion for a treat.
I would love to get together and have you do some summer pictures of Beige. We should be there in May sometime. What do you charge?

Crystal said...

Hi Jenilee - I am doing a meme called 6th Degree of blogging - I found you and featured you on my blog - come over and see.

Jenilee said...

I just found your family blog. :) I know about the computer time... it is a hard thing to balance because everything is on the computer! All of our church stuff, bills, banking, some shopping, contacts... everything is online! add blogging and facebook... oh boy! :) I have watched kids in our home a few days a week before to make a little extra money. We are doing fine right now without it, but we have had to REALLY cut back on any extras to make it happen. I totally understand the struggle. I'll be praying the right job comes along for you!