Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Its spring must be close!

I get so involved with my photography blog I neglect the household updates. We didn't really do anything for easter this year. We didn't even dye the eggs. *tear* They were all boiled and ready to go. I ended up sleeping in, so we didn't make it to church and I really wanted to go even though I don't know anyone at the church besides the pastor. I do plan on this week going to church. I need to. I have all of these adorable church outfits that are just collecting dust in the closet. Or maybe I'll find a new church to go to. Anyways I cooked a turkey with mashed potatoes, gravy and green bean casserole. No ham this year. I needed to use the turkey that had been in our freezer since before thanksgiving.

On another note..
We just have too much stuff in our house. And because spring in approaching soon I hope, I would really love to do some spring cleaning.

Each weekend I'm going to pick an area of the house to clean out and then freecycle the stuff, trash it, donate it or sell it.
"Salvage-it saturday + sunday. Sounds good 2 me. I need things to do. I was also thinking it would be awesome each weekend to find an awesome craft to make. I've already started my craft list so I can turn some of the crap I have into creativeness. I'm sure Wesley would have fun too if it involved something simple. That sounds like an awesome name for a blog. Ooo I should see if thats been taken and then start ANOTHER blog. LOL. I can barely keep up with 3 blogs plus the hundreds I'm subscribed to. If I'm lucky I get maybe 10-15 blog posts read per day. So no wonder I'm up until the wee hours of the night and then completely exhausted in the morning and don't get moving until after 10a.

So I better get the rest of this blog finished up. Tomorrow I want to try and get to the career fair at the union. I've been looking for a good part time job to help pay some of the bills that is still reasonable so we don't have to get daycare. I'm very opposed to that right now but if it came down to it I would find a nice small home daycare for wesley. Anywho the city of laramie is hosting and there are a bunch of jobs through the city, like at the rec center front desk, which would be a great job, plus that would give me incentive to exercise since I would already be there. Well I won't get my hopes up completely but I will apply and hope for the best!

Time to get some rest. Lots to do this week. Grandpa is coming up to visit. Kyle and I are going on a date. A possible playdate friday and maybe the park if its nice!

Don't have a photo today. They are still sitting on the memory card. Next time. But do check out for the new ones!

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