Friday, March 12, 2010

Wesley is 1

2 days ago Wesley turned 1!!! The year flew by. God, will you slow down for us please?
We have a birthday party planned for Sunday, but for his birthday we took him swimming. Our good friends Nicole and Keegan joined us! What a blast. Wesley even made a friend, Will. They had so much fun. I hope to take him again before the month is up and a few more times before summer hits and I can take him to the waiting pools at the park.

Later in the afternoon my friend Krystal came over. Haven't seen her since last summer! Her daughter Adriannah is going to be 5! Wesley had fun playing with her. Good practice since Krystal is due end of May with a little boy.
Dion came over as well to check out the pics from his session. He loves Wesley to death. We call him "uncle dion" now.
We had a very fun filled day. We love you Wesley!!!

Wesley 1 day old.

Wesley at 3 months

Wesley at 6 months

Wesley at 9 months

Wesley today, age 1.

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aPearl said...

Happy Birthday to Wesley...he is so freakin cute!