Friday, March 26, 2010

One year ago.

2 weeks ago Wesley celebrated his 1st birthday! So much happened this last year. Just the last month he has learned to much.

He now understands and signs: please, no, all done, milk, more, night night and yummy. I love how quickly he picks up on things. Those are pretty much the only signs I've taught him, besides Thank you which he doesnt sign yet. Time to get new words to teach! He also says duh (duck), mama, dada, eieio (when your singing old McDonald), no, and sometimes yay-yo (here you go). He understands more than what he can say. He spins when you say round and round, brushes his hair, tilts his head to talk on the phone, does a ton of tongue copying, growls when hes read one of his new favorite books Tasmanian Devil (thank you kristi and john!), claps his hands when you sing "if your happy and you know it", and so much more!

His walking has really improved. He loves to follow people and run around. Its great because it wears him out. We did a lot of walking while grandma kim was visiting.

Meal time has gotten tougher. He is really picky now, darn it! I was hoping he would eat everything, but now he rejects most veggies, meats and cheese. He loves his fruit especially grapes, bananas, and applesauce. Occasionally he will eat chicken or green beans and eggs but its just really tough and I wish he would eat everything like he did just a few weeks ago!!
He likes when I feed him baby food again, mostly the fruits but also sweet potatoes and squash. I'd really like him to learn how to use a spoon. I haven't worked with him on that too much because he just isn't ready. He takes anything that is in a bowl or plate, dumps it out and then throws that plate or bowl with a spoon on the floor.

As far as favorite toys go he pretty much plays with everything. He has way too many toys but its so hard to get rid of things because he does play with it all. Its mainly just a space issue. Right now his favorite toys are scout (the dog), his ducky that sings, elmo live, balls, and his elmo airplane.

Bathtime is still his favorite time of day. He just loves his ducks and the water. I've been taking him to the pool a little bit more and hes really loving it. We've started doing a little bit of under water dunks. Blowing in his face first so he will hold his breath and the dunking under. We go again tomorrow and I'm very excited!

He has grown up so fast and I just miss those moments when he would fall asleep on my chest, play contently on the floor or in his bouncer, not reject food or shake his head no. Come back little man, don't grow up so fast. A mother can dream can't she. But I'm enjoying the time, taking pictures to capture the moments, blogging about memories. Because someday I will forget and I need to write it down to remember.

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