Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its March already?!

In 1 week my little boy is turning 1! Where did the time go? He is still walking like a pro. I love how when he walks he has his arms up. Its so cute.
In other news we got a new dog. His name is Cleatus. Thats the name he came with and its ok I guess but he knows it so were sticking with it. Hes a border collie/shepherd mix. I'm thinking australian shepherd but his tail curls and neither collies or shepherds have tails like this so I'm not sure where he got it from. Heres a picture. I took this yesterday, touched it up a little in photoshop with a bit of sharpening, curves, levels, and a seventies twist. I took it with my new camera and new 50mm 1.8 lens. Its so sharp but I'm still getting used to it .

Wesley and his favorite ducky.
Minor editing. Curves adjustment, a touch of sharpening and brought up the exposure because it was a tad dark and corrected the white balance.

Tomorrow I'm so excited to get to meet my nephew Miles. I will probably take way too many photos! But I'm very excited and will post pics when I get a chance.

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