Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Visit from "Grandma Kim"

The last week Wesley got to see his grandma. She flew in from California. Saturday I drove down to the harmony transfer station in fort collins to pick her up. From there we headed to Cheyenne to get Wesley's birthday cake, and then hopped on i-80 over to Laramie. 

Sunday was Wesleys first birthday party. It was a lot of fun. We didn't really do much. Just made some food, and had balloons for decorations. Wal-mart helium doesn't last that long. By then end of then night the balloons were already sinking and by morning they were all on the floor.

On Monday, Wesley had his 1 year doctors appointment. He had to get 2 shots this time; chicken pox & mmr. He only cried for a minute and then was all better. Went on a walk later that afternoon. 

Tuesday: I had a few overdue books from the library so we headed over to the University. It was a gorgeous day. Wesley loved walking around and following all of the people. Since it was spring break it was pretty quiet. I took some of Wesley's 1 year photos that day as well. Couldn't have asked for better weather! 

Wednesday: St. Pattys day.  We didn't do anything super special that day. I did wear green, and dressed Wesley up in a really adorable outfit I'd been waiting for him to wear. We headed to the park to play and to take his "official" 1 year photos. It was just a fun photoshoot. No posing, just real, in the moment shots. Those are my favorite, since I hate posing. 

Thursday we took a nice walk in the morning! Kyle was volunteering over at the territorial prison for a couple hours. Since we live just down the street from there, we walked down there and said hello. I always have my camera with me just so I can find something new to snap pics of. After Wesley's nap we headed to the rec center to swim! I love the pool. I plan on taking Wesley every week or two until our community pool opens up May 1 or June 1. Can't remember. And then of course to undine park this summer if the new water pad thing is built.

We ended up getting snow Thursday night. It was so gorgeous and then boom, snow. Of course! Thats Wyoming for ya. We had planned on going to Breckenridge for a mini vacation (friday & saturday) but I didn't really want to drive 5+ hours in the snow to get there, and the roads were icky, so we decided not to go. I know my mom wanted to leave saturday since the roads did clear up, but 1 day just didn't seem worth it. But it probably would have been. :( Bummer. Definitely next time!! So instead we did some shopping around town. Mom got me some sweet new walking shoes. I usually wear etnies, which had absolutely no support and kill my feet, so I'm thankful she wanted to get me some!! 
Kyle and I were going to see a movie, but never ended up going. So he went out for a couple drinks with a friend.

Saturday was just a fun relaxing day. Watched a movie in the morning, my sisters keeper, (very good!!), and then headed back to the rec center in the afternoon to swim. There were a lot of people there so it kept Wesley entertained. 

Sunday came and went. Drove mom back to the bus stop and said goodbye. I did have a few tears in my eyes when I left. I really love my mom, and am so thankful she came to visit and helped out with Wesley and cooking, and cleaning. Love you Mom. Thanks for everything!!!

Visited my dad for a little bit before I headed back to Laramie. He just lives in fort collins and didn't have any plans. Kyle and I ended up seeing Alice in Wonderland in 3D when we got back. Wesley hung out with our friend Stephanie for a couple hours while we had a little date. 

It was a very awesome week, but went by way too fast. I can't believe next week is April already! 

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Aftann Kisling said...

Hi! So glad you introduced yourself. We are actually from Riverton, but I have a brother at UW if that counts. lol! And I'm origninally from Wheatland, so come to the southern part of the state often. You have a beautiful family and your photography is amazing! I never really thought of my blog as a networking tool, but it is awesome we've connected. Do we know anyone in common? Take care!