Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Almost One Year!

I'm not even sure how I made him laugh in this photo but I liked it because you can see most of his teeth!
P.S I apologize for the hairy legs

On our walk. It was a beautiful average day for the Wyoming winter.

One of Wesleys favorite things to do. He always seems to peek under him.

He is in love with ducks. If you ask him where it is he will go look for it and bring it back to you. This is the one he doesn't have in the tub and carries it everywhere.

He is growing up way too fast. Next week he will be 1. Seriously?

Some things I wanted to point out. 
  1. He took his first steps a few days before 11 months and has been walking non stop ever since. (Kyle walked at 9mo and I walked at 13mo. Right in the middle!)
  2. He is completely weened of lunch time nursing. Thank you Jesus!! Its not that I didn't want to nurse (because I still do), but I don't have to stress about lunch time feedings or if I'm not home and pumping. It just makes it easier. It wasn't easy for awhile. He refused whole milk, and then I started to add a bit of sugar free chocolate (not the best idea) to his milk and he loved that, but it was a mess. He exploded out of his diapers constantly, so I decided to try it again w/o the chocolate and it worked. I wanted to just give up but I knew it was for the best so I'm glad that he knows what to expect for lunchtime now.
  3. He likes to point. If I point at something, then he will point right back. 
  4. Hes a very good sharer. He even trys to share with our new dog, Cleatus (pic on the family blog)
  5. Still practicing with a spoon. He would rather I feed him. He gets mad sometimes when I try to let him to it himself.
  6. Just recently became picky about certain foods. The cheeseburger hamburger helper he kept spitting out, and a quesadilla which he usually loves. Fruits and veggies are never a fight. He loves them.
  7. His vocab isn't the best. I really only can make out 4 words. Yep, no, mama, dada. He trys to say dog, but it comes out something else. Da i think. Same with duck. And ball. Knows what they are but doesn't sound like word. Were working on it.
  8. He likes to play in the dog water. And when I call him by his first/middle name & NO he always says "ooooo" with that O expression on his face. Cute, but then he does it again. 
His doc appt isn't until the 15th I believe so I won't know measurements until then. His birthday party is Sunday the 14th. So exciting!!

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