Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Howl-o-ween

We finished up our pumpkins this morning. It was fun doing something other than a face. Kyle carved the wolf howling and I carved the panther.

Click the image to see it at full size

Wesley had fun playing with the seeds and stringy stuff. He didn't want to stick his hand in though. I'll post pics after the weekend is over.

Tomorrow is going to be fun. My grandma flew in before the 2ft of snow hit denver tuesday. Good timing! I haven't seen my sister since our wedding in May and she is now 25 or so weeks pregnant with a little boy. I'm excited to see her and for everyone to see how big Wesley has gotten. Were all having a turkey dinner at my dads.

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The VomBaurs said...

are your mother and grandmother LDS? because i'm pretty sure that my mother made mine for me at a church function! good luck in your search!