Thursday, October 8, 2009

RIP Max kitty cat

He was a cat that my mom and i got when we lived in Maine back in 1998. When my family moved to california, and I moved to Wyoming to live with my Dad, my Mom brought Max to live with us. He has been a part of the family for 11 years. He was 4 or so when we got him which would make him 15.

The last few months he had been in and out of the vet because he was sneezing a lot. Nothing seemed to work and he wasn't getting better. The last week or so light and sound bothered him. He stopped eating and starting cuddling on my Dads lap (he was never a lap cat before). Yesterday morning he went to the vet and really what they thought were bad sinuses was really possibly a cancerous tumor that was building in his sinuses.

He was a wonderful part of the family and as much as we didn't want to see him go, it was better for him and now he isn't suffering and with God. We love you Max and will never forget you.

He is buried in my Dads backyard in Fort Collins.

R.I.P Max - '94 - 10/7/09

He has such long fur that he needed a hair cut.

Cozy on the chair.
I will add more pics when I get them transferred over from my other computer.

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