Friday, November 6, 2009

A little bit of everything

I am finally obsessed with blogging. Actually I don't blog that much, and I wish I had more time to blog. But of course that will come when I'm finished with school...maybe..

I am subscribed to 138 blogs..and its still growing! LOL. I spend literally hours reading, getting craft ideas, find new sources of inspiration, etc. Its wonderful! I also need to network outside of cyberspace. I'm not very good at that.

But I have been thinking about Xmas ideas and how to give on a low budget..this is why these blogs are so important because they are showing me tricks on amazing gifts without spending a lot. Plus I love to make things even though buying something is easier, it doesn't mean as much. And with wesley I can use his little hands and feet for numerous projects! Hopefully I can start working on things soon!

Aside from me Wesley really surprises me everyday with new things he is learning. He loves to push doors closed, especially the office door. He is trying to pull himself up by the coffee table or atleast grab things on there. He still doesn't crawl but he will soon I just know it.

Some of the things he loves:
  • Eating - anything mommy and daddy eat, Mum Mums, cheerios, bananas, any fruit or vegetable, yogurt melts.
  • Dancing - rocking back and forth on hands & knees, while sitting, jumping up and down in bouncer or on anyones lap.
  • Bathtime - splashing water, eating ducky
  • Swinging - at the park
  • Playing with doors and heater vents

Doesn't like:

  • Bedtime: when mommy puts him to bed and leaves the room.
  • Diaper changes (for the most part): would rather be moving around and doing something else
  • Meat: doesn't eat the baby meats unless I trick him and mix it with a vegetable.
  • Being told no: especially when biting mommy

  • He gets impatient during meal times. Can't serve him fast enough! LOL. He will goof around and thrust himself backwards as hard as possible when he is in his high chair. I have to hold him to get him to stop. When I tell him to stop he laughs. When I'm even more serious he laughs more. He gags himself because he will rock back and forth without swallowing his food first.

  • He is hesitant around other people. I need to get him out more.

  • He has only had 1 temp since he was born and it was due to vaccinations and teething combined. He regurgitated in his sleep after his H1N1 shot, but otherwise he has not been sick at all and I am so thankful he is healthy! Yay for breastfed only babies.

Better go to sleep so I can be rested for tomorrow. I need to get homework done for my art class and start the 3rd and final section of political science.

I wanted to list a few of my favorite sites:

Oh and wesleys halloween costume! He was the cat in the hat. Next year I am making it! No more store bought costumes for me.

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