Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Little things

Its almost been a week already since I've updated. So after Wesley got sick and Kyle and I got sick and we all recovered (by sunday), everything was all and well again.
I don't know if I mentioned this but his 8th tooth came thru. The bottom right lateral incisor. And I know for sure his molars are coming in because he has been SUPER clingy ever since been since, drooling all over the place, and whatever else would make him cry and scream.

He has this little rash under his bottom lip on his chin from the drool and it hasn't gone away at all. I have this cream for chapped skin I put on it but it doesn't seem to help. Any suggestions??
And not only is there a rash on his chin but he has these little dry skin patches all over his body. I have eczema and I know he probably has it as well. Con of living in Wyoming where its dry and cold ALL THE TIME.
So if people think I'm weird because I don't give him a bath everyday then whatever, hes just not super dirty yet and I hate drying his skin out even more. Aveeno is what I use on my skin and his. LOVE that stuff.

So today I am officially trying to start weaning off breastmilk. 5 weeks until his 1st birthday so I wanted to give myself plenty of time so he could adjust. He wouldn't take it for anything. I already knew he was stubborn but now its really shining through. Oh boy, its going to be way tougher than I thought.
I wanted to start by just taking the 430p nursing and just giving him a little whole milk with a snack. He just cried and screamed the entire time. And btw he doesn't even drink out of a bottle, just a sippy cup. Well I don't pump because I barely get anything anyways from that. Hopefully tomorrow goes a little smoother.
I also plan to start getting Wesley used to a spoon....if I can keep his food on his plate.
His thing is to take the plate, dump all the food on the tray and then throw the plate on the floor.

He fights a lot of the time with me when I try to give him things. They say your kids are worse than you..well crap then LOL because Kyle and I are both stubborn.

So anyhow we haven't done too much this week. I feel like a bad mom because I don't play and interact with him as much as I should..or read to him. Thats one thing I really need to get better at. I want Wesley to be smart and learn and not have to be put in special classes because of me not teaching him. I see all of these other kids that know so much more than Wesley and I know its my fault. Hes not around kids enough either. I wish we knew more people with kids. I want him to learn how to share and learn to interact like a 10mo old should.
Next week he is 11 months old and hopefully I'll get some new photos of him up before then.

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