Sunday, February 7, 2010

Godfathers pizza

Today we went to a birthday party at godfathers. Wesley loved looking at all of the people and kids there. He didn't care too much for the pizza. Only had a couple bites and then just wanted to crawl around. The cake he absolutely loved! A good friend of mine makes cakes for a side hobby and made this adorable tinkerbell princess cake, banana flavored. I love the cream cheese filling frosting and bananas. Mmmm and Wesley loved it even more. I didn't give him a lot but he scarfed the whole thing. Next month for his bday I know what kind of cake I'm going to get him (minus the princess of course.)

Speaking of birthdays, in 4 weeks is Wesleys 1st birthday! I'm getting so excited. Yes maybe he wont remember it but I will so I want to make it fun and as special as possible. I'm thinking sesame street with red, yellow, blue, green; streamers; balloons. I want to get him a tickle me elmo and some sesame street pjs and a pillow case and a towel that have his name on them. Kyle is trying to make him a toy box. Well we haven't even started or drawn out measurements for what we want. I was going to paint it and put his name on it. If we don't make one I would like to find an old trunk or something that I can customize. I would def replace the hinges with piano ones so there wouldn't be any smooshed fingers.

Maybe I can find one on craigslist.

Anyone have any other cute sesame street ideas for things I could do? What did you do for your childs first birthday? I would love to hear!

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