Saturday, May 5, 2012

2012 I am still here!

I used to be a good document what was going on in my life. And now I wish I had documented more last year because I've forgotten a lot of things! LOL I guess that happens.. So my goal for this blog is to blog atleast once per week.

In a nutshell here is what 2011 entailed.

Breaking up, getting back together, getting a job, losing a job, Kyle starting wyotech, Kyle graduating from Wyotech, Wesley turned 2 (oh boy!), I turned 26 (yikes closer to 30), Easter was spent in Illinois, Christmas was spent in Illinois, no other traveling happened that year, House was finally paid off, Kyle sold Ranger, Kyle received Dodge Ram, 2 kittens joined our family, Turbo & Diesel, The End.

That pretty much sums the year up. The beginning of the year was the hardest for me ( I don't want to hash out details), but its over and done and now its 2012, and I hope for lots of positive changes.

For 2012 so far this is what has happened. Kyle turned 25, Wesley turned 3, Wesley is 100% potty trained,  I start weightloss journey & lose 20lbs so far, turbo & diesel leave family, road trip to california, we buy a camper, Kyle moves to Rawlins for new job, Kyle gets a dog, womens softball starts.

Now it is May 2012, and Kyle has finally landed a secure job in Rawlins (boo), but atleast he is working in his field! He has been there 2 weeks now, and really enjoys it. We didn't relocate there, but instead got him a camper to live in. Might have to figure something else out for the winter, but will deal with that later in the year.

I re-started my weight loss journey. I do want more children eventually, but I need to be in better shape for that to happen. You can follow along my journey over HERE. Progress has slowed for the last couple months, but with nice weather, I will be outside more, swimming, hiking, bike riding, camping, softball, tennis (hopefully soon).

Here is a slideshow of photos from the 2011. Photos from CA trip in another post.


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