Monday, March 12, 2012

Wesley Age 3

I haven't been very good at updating Wesley's stats and things he likes/dislikes, but here we go starting over!

Wesley is now 3!! Where did time go? I say this all the time but its true!!


  • Toy story, woody, buzz, jesse, his toy story phone, his buzz action figure, and especially the toy story video game!
  • Trains, especially putting the tracks together, naming the characters, (thomas, james, gordon). Hes very creative and good at this
  • Cars, trucks, semis, airplanes, you name it. He has a ton of them, and still loves them. He puts them in storage alot (haha), has the trains pull his cars and whatever else he can come up with.
  • Cartoons he enjoys: Blues clues, fineas and ferb, Scout, and whatever else is on. He rotates and doesn't always watch the same thing.
  • He still likes sesame street, but not as much anymore. He got a new cookie monster toy for his birthday and now LOVES it. 
  • Slides and the trampoline. We are still working on being brave for the rec center slide in the swimming pool but at Washington park he masters all of them, even the big kid ones! 
  • Guns...I wish he didn't like guns. But he does watch dad play video games, and always seems to be finding things to use as a gun. He uses a saw, a stick, whatever else he can find...
  • Throwing the ball..and not just throwing it, pitching it like hes playing baseball! So glad he likes this. We are also working on catching, and the bigger bouncy balls hes getting better at catching and can actually do this!
  • Vocally he is right on track. Always putting things into sentences, repeating words, pronouncing better, its amazing! He is definitely ready for preschool as he knows his colors, how to count, his ABC's, shapes, some opposites, figuring out puzzles, animals and their sounds, and even what sound letters make, and things like that! 

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