Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 2: 22 Days of organizing, Xmas gifts/projects, and starting a healthier lifestyle

Most of my day went pretty well until afternoon when I was completely exhausted after a very intense bike ride. Breakfast and lunch were as planned…but basically did nothing this afternoon, which was not the plan…I also need to make sure I get atleast 8 hrs of sleep because the 6 I got last night was not enough….. so I will be signing off shortly. So what I didn’t do today will get moved to tomorrow. Also didnt take any photos besides ones of myself...which I will put up tomorrow.

1.       Nov 30th
·         8-9: Wake up at 8am, start a load of laundery..do 45 min workout video or wii fit.
·         9-930: Breakfast will be oatmeal with blueberries
·         930-10: Shower
·         10-12 Chores: Unload dishwasher, reload & run, clear counter…laundry…litter box..pick up living room…clear bathroom counter, organize under sink
·         12-1230 Lunch: Apple & Broccoli salad
·         1230-130: Outside time..pickup yard
·         130-430: Re-can jelly, and mandarin oranges. (2-3 hr block of time)
·         430-6 Dinner: I think meal planning on sat/sun will be something I try to do again..but I just cant think of what to cook…something chicken probably….maybe butternut squash..or cooked carrots..not sure lol
·         After dinner I need to get a few things at the store…I also need to make a list of gift ideas, and start making a shopping list for things I’m making, get supplies together…
·         Rest of the night I’m not sure yet…lol but its time for bed so I can atleast get 8 hrs of sleep.

I've also recently found a blog that has inspired me..Undressed Skeleten you should really check it out.

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