Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 months old

Wesley turned 15 months last Thursday. His vocabulary has improved and he knows so much!

  • He LOVES fruit still, especially cantaloupe.
  • Certain veggies he spits out, but eats most of them such as mixed veggies, green beans, carrots, corn, tomatoes, peas.
  • Words he says are: this ("dis"), cookie ("coouk"), mom ("mum"), shoes ("shus"), hot ("dott") and still signs milk, please, more, and all done. Most of the time he points to things when he wants something.
  • He knows what a ball is, binky, books (he can turn the pages when asked), outside (he runs to the door), elmo, cookie monster, juice.
  • Just recently he started to love coloring on paper and outside with sidewalk chalk. I know hes going to LOVE vacation in a few days and spending the majority of the time outside @ the park, swimming, or coloring.
  • Bed and naptime are wonderful. He goes down without a fight and still is on a schedule. He naps in the afternoon after lunch until about 3 or 4.
  • He knows a few of his body parts such as nose, ears, tongue, belly button, and hair.
  • Hes mastered using a straw.
  • He doesn't just walk, he RUNS, and walks backwards too.
  • We don't have a lot of stairs in the house but he can climb the stairs we do have but is still afraid of climbing down. He always wants one of us to hold his hand so he can walk down it.
  • He has all 16 teeth.
  • He is 32" tall, and 25lbs. 
He loves to be outside. We spend a lot of our time out there running around, coloring with sidewalk chalk, bike rides, swinging @ the park and just enjoying the weather. Since our summer is so short here in wyoming we really have to take advantage every single day!!

Here is a beautiful photo of Wesley showing me his watermelon =)

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