Friday, August 28, 2009

End of summer....

A lot has changed with Wesley in the last month. Wesley's 2 bottom teeth have started to come in. He also says mama on a regular basis now. He sits up but it isn't steady yet. No crawling yet, but maybe in a couple months. Hopefully he masters his sitting up soon. He's doing better sleeping now that he isn't teething at the moment.

Overall hes a very happy boy, and will be 6 months in a couple weeks!

We tried to start daycare but only lasted 1 day. It was a home daycare that only had a couple kids but they ended up sick for a long time and then my hours at work have been cut back so we really don't need it right now. Maybe we can try again next semester.

I got a haircut a couple weeks ago. Chopped it off. Its easy to maintain but I'm still not that used to it. Beg of Aug Great Grandma Brown and Grandpa Jud came to visit. Grandma was so tickled to see how big Wesley has gotten since the wedding in May. We went out to dinner and had Wesley sit in a big boy high chair, but it didn't work that great since he can't sit up completely. He did however love chewing on the table.

In other news:
School has started for both Kyle and I. He is taking math and english, and I'm taking foundation color and american and wyoming government. So far everything seems to be going well.

We got a new dog a couple weeks ago. Her name is Puddles. Shes mixed with german shorthair and greyhound. Shes warming up to us slowly.

All the news for now.

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