Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So far we have had a blast this July. 4th of July we spent some time at Freedom has a birthday in Washington Park. Wesley won a crime dog from the police booth. He loved it.

Nap before the park.

He loves his crime dog.

Having fun at the park.
His new thing..sticking out his tongue

Being outside always wears him out.

The weather didn't hold up very long because by 3ish it started to rain and rained the rest of the afternoon and evening. Thankfully it stopped so I could watch the fireworks. Wesley was already asleep and Kyle had to work at 10p.
We didn't get to cook on the grill but we still enjoyed the evening. I made margaritas, pretty much for myself, and we cooked brats and chicken, with potato salad.

Wed July 8th we enjoyed music in the park. The Laramie Municipal Band played.

Thurs we took a long walk on the greenbelt and stopped to play at the park before heading home. This was the 1st time Wesley had been to the park to swing. He loved it.

Friday, July 10th, Wesley had his 4 month doctor appointment. In less than 2 weeks he gained over 1 pound and grew 1 inch! He is now 16lbs 6oz and 25.25in. Wow! He is really growing fast.

Saturday was the Jubilee Days Parade. We were lucky to find some shade. Wesley enjoyed it for the most part. The semi's and firetrucks horns scared him.
Then we went downtown. Had chili @ the cookoff. Didn't have much though..too hot out. Walked around the carnival and won Wesley his first baseball bat..plastic of course. Watched the animal show which was really neat. Then went home to get out of the sun. It was 86 that day.

Sunday was the rodeo. Wesley was so good the entire day. He had a lot of fun watching all of the cowboys and cowgirls.

So far Wesley has had a great 1st summer. He loves all of the walks we go on and is now starting to eat cereal. Most of it he spits out but its a work in progress. We are practicing sitting up now. He can hold himself up and occasionally sit without support for a few seconds before falling backward. We are so proud of everything he is doing! More pics to be added shortly!

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