Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer is here!

Even though there is still rain (not as much), its finally summer time! We took Wesley to the pool for the first time on Wednesday. The water was very warm so he really enjoyed it.

The water wore him out.

Since he is only 3 months and has very sensitive skin we didn't stay in long. He did seem to break out a little bit but it wasn't bad at all. Might need to get him a rash guard shirt for next time and see if that helps. We want to take him to the waiting pool at the park so he can get some sunshine and we can meet other mommies and babies.

Kyle has been working hard at work. He still works nights (10p-7a), and it will probably be that way until he finishes school. He's also been working hard around the house fixing up some things. He just rebuilt our side stairs since it was completely destroyed. The mosquitos ate him alive even with bug spray.

We still haven't finished unpacking (I know I know, we need to get it done lol). But we have been working on it more each day than we used to. I'm almost finished with Wesley's room so I can set up the crib I've had sitting for a few weeks now!

I have been looking for a PT job so we can have extra money for our bills. Its been very tight lately. I got a call back from UPS but missed the call so I may have a job there. Cross your fingers!
In other news I've registered for classes at UW for the fall. Only going PT. I'm taking photography (on campus) and political science (online). Kyle is also taking classes at LCCC. Math and English and they are right after he gets off work in the morning so it works well with his and my schedules.

Butch Cassidy days tomorrow!!

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