Saturday, May 23, 2009


Wesley at 2 months Old

Now that Wesley is here as of March 10th, I figured now is as good as any to let everyone keep up with the family. 7 days until I'm an official Holbert.

Wesley is now 10 weeks. Hes changed so much since he was born its unbelievable. He started smiling in mid-April. He recently started staring at his hands. Its so cute. I caught him doing it yesterday while he was sitting in his high chair while I was packing up the kitchen. His eyes were a little cross eyed but he couldn't stop staring. He also is very strong. When I lay him on his belly he really does a push up. He can't hold it for that long but he is doing an amazing job. Wesley has also started swatting at toys. I caught him doing it for the first time the other day while he was in his Pooh swing. With his left hand he kept batting the animal. What a little boxer lol.
He doesn't really like bath time all that much yet. He usually starts to cry when he touches the water, but he will learn and I plan to take him swimming a couple times a week when we get settled into our new home.

In other news we move from this cramped 2 bed 1 bath apartment on Monday to a 3 bed 2 bath. Its a mobile home that we are renting to own. It is very nice, and was updated in 2005. I will put up pictures Sunday after we get the keys!

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