Sunday, August 1, 2010

**Giveaway** The Easy accounting solution for the Photographer

One of my FAVORITE photographers Michelle Kane is having a GIVEAWAY! She is giving away a FREE copy of 

With all small businesses its important to keep track of things, and this would be something definitely worth entering to help keep business expenses, customer info, tax info organized!!!

Michelle's Review:

Photographers love the creative side of what they do.  They don’t however usually like the “business side” of their business.  Photographers often comment that they wish there was a way to make it easier for them to take care of their accounting.  Keeping track of how much your company makes (income from customers) is not the only thing you must keep track of. You must keep detailed records of your expenses too; this is especially important come tax time.  If you have kept detailed records all year, tax-time is SO much less stressful! However, it can be difficult to know what to keep track of, and how to categorize it.
The Easy Accounting Solution for the Photographer has come up with the solution!  The Easy Accounting Solution for the Photographer is an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet that was designed specifically for photographers.  There is no prior bookkeeping or Excel knowledge needed.  You get not only the Excel spreadsheet, but also a detailed Word write-up which not only tells you how to use the spreadsheet, but what items to track and how to track them.
The Easy Accounting Solution for the Photographer is not only an accounting tool.  It also allows you to keep a customer database (good for marketing) and a job tracking tab.  One product to keep track of customers, jobs, invoicing, income, expenses, tax deductions, and more!
A winner will be chosen Sunday Aug 8th @ 8pm MST so enter now!
Head on over to her blog for more information and to enter this giveaway!!

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